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  • I to would like to second this feature request. And while we are talking about good organization, I'd also like to suggest to add the possibility to merge two items. All sections and fields of one item can be added to the bottom of another item. I'm currently reorganizing some overlapping entries and this would be a great feature to have! Thanks for reading, I'm enjoying the app(s) very much.

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    Hi @sjogro,

    Thanks for letting us know you'd like to be able to reorder custom sections in your items! This is on my wish list too. ;)

    I hope you don't mind, but since most of your post is about a very different feature request, I've split your message into a different thread. I'd like to understand more about what you want to be able to do with items in 1Password. What sort of items would you be merging? For example, have you accidentally saved multiple Login items for the same account on the same website? Or do you have different types of items (like a Login and a Bank Account) for accounts that are associated with each other?

    If you can elaborate on the situation and what you'd like to accomplish, that will be helpful for us. Thanks in advance! :)

  • Alright, I hope I reply in the right section now, but here is what I've come across: Sometimes I make separate items (like, for example, for bank accounts) and later decide that it is easier to have all that information in one item, divided in sections. It would be nice to be able to merge these items into one instead of having to copy/paste all info line by line.

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    It would be very nice to have that. I really want this to be a feature one day. Hopefully we make that happen.


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