Can't save new passwords, no options in the popup dropdown

For about 3 months, I have been unable to add any entries to 1Password, I don't have the option of where the details should be stored in my mini-popup. I can't find any settings that should change to solve this. I can fill in passwords that already exist, and it works great, but if I find a new website that I need to save things for, I can't.

I did a trial of the online/cloud service at one point, and wonder if this has somehow changed where I can save my logins to, but would be great to have this working properly again...

An example of what I see:
1password popup

1Password Version: 6.7.457
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
Sync Type: Personal
Referrer: forum-search:not saving


  • From reading around, it looks like standalone vaults are not covered in v6 on Windows and it's just reading my information from the previous cloud setup? Is the solution that I either go to v4, or sign up to the cloud version to get back on track?

  • Greetings @colinasquith,

    You are correct. We've removed the ability to attach an OPVault or Agile Keychain completely now and 1Password 6 only imports from one of the local storage formats as it was causing confusion. 1Password 6 development still concentrates on becoming a better client for our 1Password account users given that it is the only available client for them on Windows. I'm guessing that if you connected 1Password 6 to a local vault you were a 1Password 4 customer before? If that is correct that you could uninstall 1Password 6 and re-install 1Password 4 for Windows or as you note, create a 1Password account and migrate your data over. With a 1Password account connected (starts with a 30 day trial), you will be able to save new Login items and modify existing ones.

  • Ah ok - I wish I'd tried to sort this out months ago! All makes sense, although I don't seem to be able to sign up to 1Password account because I can't login, I think because my trial ran out and so I can't login to an existing account? I've created a ticket. My circumstances are a bit different than when I tried the trial before, I have another machine that would be useful to have access that isn't tied to my Dropbox. Hopefully I can resolve this and work out the next step! Thanks for the help, also I love your comic reference username :)

  • GregGreg

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    edited September 2017

    @colinasquith: We have found your email on our side and will get back to you via email soon. Thank you! :+1:

    ref: JFL-87317-358

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