My master password opens my mac BUT does not work on my other apple devices or on the website.

I have not been able to login on the 1password website or my iPad/iphone, but I seem to be able to login to may MAC. I tried changing the master password ( using the MAC) but it was not allowed and had no error code to share. Help???

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  • The latest software for the ma and 1password are being used.

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    Welcome to the forum, @scott916! If you were using 1Password in the past in standalone mode, and recently opened a account, that may be the problem. If you look in 1Password for Mac, is there a vault menu at the top-left of the main 1Password window? If so, does clicking on it reveal a vault called Primary that's outside of any vault(s) you may have? If so, then your Master Password in 1Password for Mac remains whatever it was when you first installed 1Password, but your account's Master Password is whatever you chose when you created the account at That's why entering your "old" Master Password works in 1Password for Mac but not at these two could be the same Master Passwords...but they don't have to be. If you chose a different Master Password when you created a account, is that what may have happened? If so, try using the Master Password you chose for your account to sign in at

    ref: QQI-12664-615

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