Slow performance in 1Password 7.2 [7.2.580 update will be out soon, more improvements coming in 7.3]



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    Hi guys,

    We've just released the 1Password 7.2.580 beta 1 update with a few fixes to help with the performance, this mostly only help folks with standalone vaults but it has a few other changes that may also help for the 1Password accounts. We're still working on the larger 1Password 7.3 update that includes the new thread scheduler but we wanted to send some of the improvements sooner in this update.

    Please give it a try and let us know in the beta thread how it works for you.

    Here's how to enable the beta update.

  • Hi there,

    As per the title, once I login to my vault in the Windows app, it takes ~30 seconds before clicking anything actually shows any changes. Trying to change categories, select an item etc. all don't do anything for a fairly long time.

    1Password Version: 7.2.576
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Windows 10
    Sync Type: Not Provided

  • I've just installed the new beta a few minutes ago, initial thoughts is its much better with regards to the performance issues (though still not as snappy as 7.1). Will do more testing over the next couple of hours...

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    Thanks for the initial feedback.

    For this update, we expect it to be on par with 7.1 in general but not as fast or faster. Some users (specifically multiple-standalone vaults) should notice a more responsive interface like unlocking 1Password extension. The initial feedback in the Windows Beta forum has confirmed this to be the case, even though a few said it was actually faster than 7.1.

    Baring any last minute issue, we are going to ship this on Monday for everyone. Our focus for 1Password 7.3 remains the same, performance improvements and fixing that threading issue.

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    Hi @stuntboots,

    I've merged your thread into this general thread about general slow performance in 1Password 7.2 update. We are going to ship 7.2.580 stable update on Monday but if you want to help test it now, it is out as a public beta update. If you do try it, we'd love to know your thoughts on it so far.

    In case you need it, here's the link to enable beta updates.

  • I've been using the beta all day and can confirm its fixed the performance issues I've been having (I use a standalone vault hosted on Dropbox).

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    Hi @mmozzano,

    Thank you for good news! I am glad to hear it is working better. Please stay tuned for the stable update and 7.3 and let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.


  • While you guys are coding, can I please ask for a very simple addition? There is currently a "copy" button that is right at the end of every line of information, so if I want to copy a password, I need to move my mouse all the way to the end of the field and click the copy button. I want to be able to double-click on the field to copy! Can this please please please please be implemented on 7.3? It would definitely help soften the pain of waiting and would make me super happy (I'm sure I'm not the only person who finds copying info annoying).

  • @fcar this was partially implemented just last night and coming with next beta ;) We look forward to improve it more.

  • Looks much better, but the double click would sweeten the deal soooooo much more, it's way easier to double click anywhere than have to move the pointer to a small button :)

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    :) One thing at a time.

    We want to make sure we get the performance solid before we make more improvements.

  • When is 7.3 coming out?

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    @nicholasfagan: We can't comment on upcoming release dates. Of course, we hope it's soon, but we need to finish development and test internally before releasing a beta and there's still plenty of time for something to go wrong – both internally and with the beta itself. Whenever we do have a beta ready, I'm sure we'll announce it on the forum so that y'all can hop on board and test things out yourselves. :chuffed:

  • Thank you for the prompt response. Will be patient.

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    No, thank you (and everyone in this thread) for your patience, @nicholasfagan! We know these issues have been a source of frustration and we're grateful y'all have been so patient with us while we get things fixed up. :+1:

  • I agree with JohnnyUtahh but will wait 6 more months hopefully by then 7.3 is out. If not I am not sure what I am going to do :(

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    @JohnnyUtahh: This discussion is about 1Password for Windows. We're looking into the issues you're having on your Mac, but given that we only have one other report of something similar it can be difficult to narrow down the cause. And posting the same thing multiple times and in different places will not "accelerate" anything; on the contrary, just slows down response times for everyone -- including you.

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    @ttim03: Unfortunately JohnnyUtahh is a bit off here. We do, however, know the cause of performance issues in 1Password for Windows: as discussed here already, we added many features in quick succession, and it's all been bogging things down a bit; so we've been working on rewriting a lot of stuff under the hood for 7.3 to make the new app more efficient. Have you tried the beta?

  • Thanks @brenty didn't realize there was a beta for 1Password 7.3 now!

    Great news!

    Hopefully this fixes the issues! Crosses fingers.

  • @brenty Stupid question but how do I get it?

  • @brenty Ok never mind I got it! Thanks!

    Sorry before about jumping the gun I didn't realize 7.3 beta 1 was out!

    Anyway it seems to be running ok but I did have some latency/lag before but just rebooted my pc and will see if it fixes it. Hopefully.

    I am sure once the final version comes out it will run really well hopefully.

    One last question when will open new logins when you click on them in the firefox addon or whatever addon open them in a new tab again instead of the current tab? Thanks.

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    @ttim03: No worries! Honestly, I thought maybe you were already on the beta channel from before (though we didn't have one until this week). Please give us any feedback you have in the Windows beta category. We'd love to hear what you think! :)

    And to answer your last question: Now. You can find the option in the "gear" menu in 1Password mini. ;)

  • Awesome

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    So far, so good. And if you find anything that's not awesome, let us know so we can address it. :sunglasses: :+1:

  • @ttim03 if you have 1Password for Windows 7.3 beta check here:

  • Thank you @brenty and @SergeyTheAgile!

    I may stay on 6.8 until the final version of 7.3 is out but I did try it. Unless I can try it too on my VM and not my main system OS. That or it is a security risk.

  • Sorry I just don't like using beta software on my main OS install is all. Though if it is stable enough maybe.

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    @JohnnyUtahh: I've deleted the extras for you, not to worry. We have a complicated relationship with our forum in that it has many features we love and would never want to do without, but also can be a bit temperamental at times. I'll go with @MikeT's typical explanation of such things and blame gremlins. We've eradicated a few over the years, but it's an ongoing battle. :blush: Either way, not your fault and no harm done. We all get a bit rant-y at times. I'm lucky to have Mike graciously tolerate most of mine and am happy to extend you the same courtesy. :chuffed:

    @ttim03: We wouldn't have released the beta if it were a security or data loss risk, so that's not something I'd worry about by any means. It is, of course, in the nature of betas to have a few more bugs than is typical, but I've always found our betas fairly stable and they do undergo a fair bit of internal testing prior to release. Now, there are always things that pop up when a larger population of folks are using it, but I've even had my dad using the beta channel without issues thus far. I had originally set him up with it so he could unlock with Hello when he switched from Mac to Windows and just haven't ever changed it and no complaints ... yet anyway. :wink: Ultimately, it's best to do whatever you're most comfortable with, though. 7.3 may spend some extra time in beta just because of how big the under-the-hood changes were, but it will make its way to stable before too long if you prefer to wait. :+1:

  • Same issues here for months, and no benefit on 7.3.654 beta. I'm on a fast computer i7 8700k, SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM.
    I'm beginning to lose hope :angry:

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