I'm new to the password manager and I am completely confused about a couple of things!!

So I am thinking about doing the family plan for my wife and myself, but I'm a tad bit confused about somethings. I have sites I use (fantasy football, ESPN, things like that) and she has her own sites. We also have things we use together, like Netflix, DirectvNow, Hulu etc. Will we be able to set it up to where we can still use shared passwords for those sites, but still have our own individual passwords for the things we do separately. ALSO, can she have access to my passwords in case GOD forbid something happens to me or vice versa? I thank you in advance for the help

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    Hi there @acgreen95

    Welcome to 1Password! You absolutely can share certain things while keeping other things separate. Each account in a Family membership is given access to two vaults upon creating their account. One of these vaults is called "Private" and the other one is called "Shared". The "Private" vault is unique to each family member. Only you can access your own Private vault and anything placed within it is completely private to you. Your wife will get her own Private vault in which she can put things that are private to her. This is where you would put your fantasy football login, for example.

    The "Shared" vault, as the name indicates, is shared amongst all members of the family. Anything placed within it can be accessed, edited or added to by any member of the family. This is where you would put the Netflix, DirecTV and Hulu logins, along with anything else you want to share.

    As for access to the account in case something were to happen. 1Password protects your data through encryption which means that the keys used to encrypt the data, the Master Password and Secret Key combination you create when making the account, are required to access it. It is impossible "grant some access" to your data without those keys as without them, there is no usable data, just meaningless garbage.

    You and your wife will each have different Master Passwords and Secret Keys for each of your accounts. The only way for, say, your wife to access your data if something were to happen to you would be to have your Master Password and Secret Key. You are given an Emergency Kit with your account information on it when you create your account. If you were to keep those Emergency Kits in a safe place, each of you could use them to access the other person's account should something happen to you.

  • Thank you @Corey_C , I really appreciate the prompt reply. I am trying to figure out what Password manager to go with since we recently had a security scare with our bank account. We are Mac and IOS users so i'm deciding between 1password and lastpass. I am so confused about all of this and I am very Tech savvy!! Now i am trying to figure out how easy or hard it will be to transfer passwords between my wife's Ipad and the Mac. She is not very tech savvy and i need something that will be easy for her to understand. I guess I need to start teaching her more... Well I'm done rambling.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    With 1Password membership there is no need to “transfer” data between devices. By signing in to their membership on each of their devices each person will have access to all of their 1Password data. That’s the beautiful thing about it... it’s automagical. :)


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