Should unlocking 1Password 7 on my mac also unlock 1Password X

I'm running 1Password 7 Version 7.2.1 (70201002) and 1Password X extension in my Chrome browser. When I unlock 1Password 7 using TouchID, 1Password X still requires me to enter my master password to unlock there as well. Is that normal and expected behavior? If so, will they possibly be synchronized in the future?

In addition, is it possible to configure 1Password X to unlock with Touch ID?

1Password Version: 7.2.1
Extension Version: 1.12
OS Version: 10.14
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • Hi @mdm,

    For now that is expected behaviour. It is something we want to see if we can improve on but we need to make sure everything is correct and safe if we do.

    As you're on a Mac and running 1Password for Mac there is also the option of the companion extension. It lacks the inline menus that are part of 1Password X but as the companion extension requires the native application and as its really only a bridge between the browser and 1Password all UI (User Interface) comes from the native application and there is no separate locked and unlocked state. You can find the companion extension on our "Downloads - 1Password" page ( ) just below the main link. You'll find 1Password X to the left and the companion extension on the right. You may find that the separate unlock is worth tolerating for now because you prefer how 1Password X works - basically you have options as they like to say :smile:

  • Thanks, I recently switched to 1Password X and hadn’t noticed the separate unlock until after the recent update, leading me to think something possibly went wrong with the update. In any case, I do like 1Password X better because of the ability to interact right in the login field. Probably just will take some getting used to unlocking from the browser instead of clicking the app buttons. I look forward to having the two integrated in the future. TouchID on 1Password X would be a huge plus as well!

  • Yes, Please! TouchID as a priority for the MacbookPro users.

  • Just don't forget to use your Master Password every so often so that it stays fresh in your memory.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

    Team Member

    Good news, @mdm & @dar1p!! 1Password X now has Desktop App Integration on Mac! 🎉

    Check out our recent beta announcement for details on how to set things up so you can use Touch ID on your Mac. Support for Windows and Windows Hello will be coming in a future release.

    If you're feeling adventurous, please give the beta a try and let us know how it goes. 😘


  • mdmmdm
    edited February 11

    That is great news, thank you! Will give the beta a try.

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni
    edited February 11

    @mdm: We wanted TouchID to play along with 1Password X for a long time, and we're very excited to be closer to that goal! :smile: Don't hesitate to let us know if you stumble upon any issues. :wink:

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