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Currently all of my contacts data is spread across several email accounts and a few phones. I'd prefer to maintain these in 1Password, but don't see a category for 'contact'? Is this functionality on the horizon, or did I overlook it?

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  • brentybrenty

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    It's not something that 1Password supports, as it's designed as a password manager. That's our area of expertise, and since there are all manner of contact management solutions out there for a wide variety of use cases and users, it's not something we have any plans for. We're focused on making 1Password the best password manager we can. :)

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator


    Contact management works best when it is integrated at the OS level and the native apps all share a contact's database. Unfortunately, not many OS's do this, so you're stuck managing your own. And this ultimately results in contacts being out of sync across your sites/apps.

    A few years ago, I created a vCard converter at the request of a user. In case you don't know, a vCard is the de-facto standard for contact data representation. Many email apps/sites can export your contacts as vCards, so you could convert / import then (and for those sites/apps that do not export as vCards, CSV might be an option).

    See my posts starting here. Ask if you need help.

  • Brently, thanks for the prompt reply. I can understand the focus and desire to be the best password manager, but frankly ... I believe you guys already have that nailed down. What prompted my question was the existence of all the other non-password related categories e.g. passport, drivers license, etc., the only category missing was contacts. Do you happen to have a contact manager that you'd be willing to recommend?

    MRC, " this ultimately results in contacts being out of sync across your sites/apps" I resemble this remark! Yes, familiar with vCard and CSV formats, although vCard seems to be better and more widely accepted. This, to me sounds like a market niche that needs filling ..... just say'in Brently

    Thanks guys, input appreciated.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the feedback @AlanBob. It seems right now our goal is to focus on our core offering, vs expanding into other areas, so I don't suspect we'll be adding contact management to 1Password in the near future. As far as a recommendation... I personally use the built-in Contacts app on Apple devices and that suits my needs.

    I'm sorry I don't have the answer you were hoping for.


  • I just want to say its an odd answer to give, when you already have SECURE NOTES, IDENTITIES, PASSPORTS and CC. iPassword is a secure information depository, no matter what you call it. Customers want this apparently, and now that iPassword is a subscription, we expect new features on a regular basis, how else is a subscription justified if not for delivering new features on a regular basis? What new features have been rolled out in the past year and what is in the pipeline?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Our release notes are public, so you can see what progress we've made and when:

    Our future plans are not public. That's something we still hold fairly close to the chest. :)


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