Syncing with 1Password 4+3 and 1Password 3 for iOS

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  • Hello, I use 1PW 3.7.2 as last working version on my only 4 years old iPad 1 with iOS 5.1.1 on my Mac's I use 1PW 4.1.2
    After the Sync via Dropbox does not work anymore. I switched to the wireless sync, the same way as Kampf Katze.
    Thisway is now no longer working. It requires your new version 4.3 .
    Please tell me, how can I synchronize bought programs of OS X and iOS together.
    At least one transmission in one direction, io iOS I expect.

    Thank you for your answer in advance.

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    Hi @Sten,

    You can't use 1Password 4 for Mac to sync to 1Password 3 for iOS over the Wi-Fi sync. The way Kampf is doing it is this:

    1. Configure 1Password 4 for Mac to sync to a folder on the drive
    2. Configure 1Password 3 for Mac to pick up the data file inside that folder, simply by double-clicking on the .agilekeychain file.
    3. Use 1Password 3's Wi-Fi sync to sync to 1Password 3 for iOS

    I hope that helps.

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    It's been six months since mentioning that WiFi sync for 1PW4 and iOS 5.x would be implemented on the earlier thread. ???

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    Hi @richsadams,

    Do you have a specific reference where it mentions Wi-Fi being implemented in 1P4 for iOS 5.x? The older topic linked to in the first post of this one doesn't refer to any specific versions of iOS.

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