1P and Allbookmarks are not populating websites

This was working before, however, after a 1P update, it seems when I double-click one of my 1P website links, it does not autofill the appropriate fields on the website. This also does not work on AllBookmarks. The links just takes me to the website. I'm just curious if anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks


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    Hi mitchmmillan,

    Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry you are having this problem. Does the 1Password fill the login on the site if you visit it directly in the browser? Does this happen with every login?

    AllBookmarks does support "standard" bookmarks primarily (in addition to the 1Password logins). I am assuming you were actually using the 1Password logins from within AllBookmarks. What web browser and version are you using? What version of 1Password? We just put out 3.4.4.

    Please let me know. Thanks!
  • Thank you. I appreciate your reply.

    This did not autofill when directly on the website with either 1P or AllBookMarks. However, when trying to execute a website from 1P and AllBookMark's link, it brings up a new tab or window to that website and usually autofills. This was how it currently used to work on my workstation. This used to work seamlessly until a couple days ago. I am currently using the most recent version of Firefox. I am very confused as to how this broke. I recently downloaded an older version of 1P so I can rule out version updates, but I still encountered the same problem. I'm scared to think that it may be a workstation issue seeing how no one else has encounter this issue:(

    3 weeks ago, I started using DropBox to sync my iMac, Macbook, and Droid to 1P.

    I did not think to try this on my Macbook to see if I get the same issues. I will do this ASAP and send an update of my results.
  • One thing I would like to add to this thread that may/may not be useful. W

    When I am not in the 1P app and just use AllBookMarks to select my website to autofill my user id and password, 1P usually displays the password window prior to autofilling my credentials. In my scenario, AllBookmarks displays the website, but the 1P password window does not show up, therefore, not autofilling my credentials.
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    It sounds like a Firefox extension issue. Please follow the steps I list in this other thread and let me know if that does not do the trick.

  • That worked!!!

    I do have one little concern though. When I am within the app and double-click the website, it does take me to the website and autofills properly without entering a password. I can see where I do not need to enter the password again because I have already authenticated into the 1P app. However, when I close the 1P app and use AllBookMarks to select my websites, it does not prompt me for a password which I feel maybe a security flaw?? Perhaps not and it's now required to log-off the workstation instead?? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

    Again, I sincerely thank you for your assistance resolving my issue. This is considered my #1 app and the most used!!! Best purchase I've ever made!!!
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    Please check out the security preferences including the auto-lock and unlocking settings.

    And thanks very much for the kind words! :-)
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