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because police and airport security can and will take your phone if you don't give them access. Be nice if I can disguise my 1password app name and icon, like a calculator and enter my passcode to enter my app.


  • Do you sync your vault with either Dropbox or iCloud? If you do maybe resetting 1Password to a clean state might be a possibility. When checked it would ask you to set up a new vault (because there is no information on the phone) and then once at your destination you could tell it to import your vault again.

    I'd be interested to see people from Agilebits chip in here because this is something I'm curious about too. A strong password is all very well and fine unless you have some asshat forcing you to give it up or they make your life more difficult (say by detaining said device).

  • If you're in enough trouble that your device is confiscated for examination then a dummy app is not going to fool the authorities.

    What you're really talking about is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deniable_encryption and that's a whole different kettle of fish and probably beyond 1Password's goals.

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    If you're in enough trouble that your device is confiscated for examination

    If my understanding of the US law is correct, all you have to do is catch a US border control officer on a bad day. They don't need a reason to impound your electronic gear beyond you not supplying any passwords when demanded. Nice eh? (assuming my interpretation is correct). I believe it used to be just non-US people that were targeted but that it now applies to all.

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    Hi @sketchesplus‌

    Unfortunately, that is against the App Store's rules, so it's not something that we could implement, even if we wanted to.

    If you are concerned about your data being accessible on your mobile device, you could consider something similar to what @littlebobbytables‌ suggests, but I would caution you to ensure that your data is safely available on another computer or device before removing your data from your mobile device.

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    against apple policy, really!!! I downloaded a safe app through itunes which acts like a calculator until you enter the correct digits to reveal your private photos, notes, contacts etc. but probably doesn't encrypt anything.

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    Hi @sketchesplus‌

    That sounds like the app you're describing was specifically designed to be covert. It's a novel idea, but I don't think that we're looking to re-design our app to be that sneaky. We're kind of proud of what we do. :)

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