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New to this forum. Would you be kind enough to direct me to a thread or discussion topic about how to pick the correct file location ( I have 2 it seems...see below) in Dropbox. I know I have to pick out one if the two and delete the other. But before I do that I want to make sure that they both match or be able to do so in the number of items. Right now they do not match i.e. The number is different. Also I would like to migrate this to iCloud and sync exclusively with iCloud. The path to the file locations are:


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    Hi @easygoer_57‌

    Welcome to the forums! Before we go too far, I'll just need to confirm a few details:

    • What are the version numbers of both 1Password and your operating systems for all computers and devices currently running 1Password?
    • Please look in Preferences > Sync on your desktop: which file location is 1Password currently using?
    • Is your database complete and up-to-date on your desktop?
    • If you're syncing to multiple devices - is there any data on one device that is not on the others?

    This information will give us a better idea on how to proceed.

  • Hi Megan

    Thank you for your reply. My answers to your questions are as follows:

    1. 1password for mac 5.0.2; for iPad 5.1.2, for iPhone 5.1.2

    2. its using dropbox & the file is 1password.agilekeychain

    3. The database on my desktop is not the same as as my ipad. (The total items "721" are the same, but as an example, I created a login for the agilebits forum on my ipad this morning but it does not show on my mac or iPhone). My iPhone only shows a total number of 718. So somehow things are not syncing.

    4. I guess i have answered question 4 in question 3.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @easygoer_57‌

    Thanks for confirming those details for me. Let's try resetting sync:

    • On your iOS devices, open 1Password for iOS, tap Settings > Sync > Sync Service and choose 'Disable Sync’.

    • On the Mac, open 1Password for Mac, and click the 1Password menu, then Preferences. Click Sync, and click Change syncing.

    • Check the box to remove the data from Dropbox and confirm that you want to disable sync.

    • Restart the Mac and iOS devices.

    • Check your Dropbox folder and delete any other 1Password folders or files that the remove data checkbox did not take care of.

    • On the Mac, go back to the Sync preferences, and click Dropbox. Click Choose vault, then navigate to your Dropbox folder and select Open. This will regenerate a 1Password folder in Dropbox, and that will contain a new 1Password.agilekeychain file.

    • Allow Dropbox to fully sync.

    • Go back into the iOS app and re-enable Dropbox sync.

    That should get everything on the same page for sure.

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    1. When I go into settings, sync...I only get "start syncing". If I click on that I get a choice of syncing with either iCloud, Dropbox or over wi-fi. If I click on Dropbox further I get a prompt asking me to choose a vault of which I have 2 choices. I mentioned those in my opening post. I guess I'll answer the rest after we get past this?? Thanks.
  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @easygoer_57‌

    If you're seeing the 'start syncing' pane, then sync has not been set up on your iOS device. If this is the case on both your iOS devices, you can skip ahead to my step #2 above, which deals with disabling sync on the Mac. Essentially what we want to do here is to clear out both of the 1Password.agilekeychain files in Dropbox, and allow your Mac to create a fresh new one that your iOS devices can sync to.

    Once that is sorted out, and all your item counts match, we can discuss switching to iCloud. (Please keep in mind, that iCloud sync does require the version of 1Password purchased from the Mac App Store. If you don't remember where you purchased 1Password, look in the 1Password > About 1Password menu).

  • As mentioned in my previous post after " start syncing" I get a choice of syncing to either iCloud or Dropbox or a third choice of over wifi. I'm very sure I have synced using Dropbox b4 as the agilekeychain file is in my Dropbox folder. So do I go further and select "stop using this account" inorder to create a new one?

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @easygoer_57‌

    Nope, you don't need to completely stop using your Dropbox account. The account itself is fine, we just need to ensure that 1Password finds the right keychain in Dropbox.

    Resetting sync as I have suggested above will ensure that there is only one keychain file in Dropbox, and that all your devices are accessing the most up-to-date data.

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