Too many add-ons.

I've got 3 Password add-ons in the Add-ons section, and can't remove any of them. Two are in the "Not Available section. Even though I have reinstalled the latest 1Pass for Windows, I cannot get the Toobar icon to appear. I'm really disappointed and tired of dealing with this inferior software, which fills in the wrong User Name on the first try. I paid good money for a product that has cost me a day's work.

My Mac 1Pass works fine. I think you people should concentrate on making this work perfectly for Windoze and not spread yourself out too thin with the other software products. I want to control the add-ons, and get the icon on my Toolbar.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    edited November 2014

    Sorry for the confusion, Poupon—it sounds like you're using the 1Password extension in Internet Explorer, where the Add-Ons page's section names just repeat what's in the Publisher column:

    As shown in the image above, you should have only one 1Password-related item in that second section. We can work to figure out why you have two there, if that's the case.

    As for failing to fill in a username field, please let us know at which specific URL, so we can try to observe and thus diagnose the problem.

    To control the 1Password extension:

    To add 1Password to the system tray:

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