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we like to use 1password in a Enterprise Scenario, but therefore it may be needed to hold the Passwors localy. Is this possible, so that on or more Adminisrators can manage several Tresor and share those with the hole Company on any devices and device type?




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    I'm not 100% certain I understand your question, @it4me‌.

    Your 1Password data is stored locally on each computer or mobile device on which it's licensed to be used. You can use any of the methods listed in this article to share and sync your 1Password data among those computers and mobile devices, if you choose to do so.

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    We do have 35 Employees, in different departments or different roles. How can we handle this, because somehow we have to control, that a user only has access to a particular Password (tresor). This means also, that we must be able to synchronize more that on tresor, because some User are in more than just one group.

  • Hmmm creating multiple 1Password vaults (one for each role / department) on a server managed by administrators and connect people to these via Windows network drive functionality should be achievable but for users in multiple groups, they would have to switch vaults and remember multiple master passwords. Also, if you also want to create one personal vault per employee, it's going to be tedious.

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    We do not recommend storing your 1Password data on a network share drive.

    Instead, we recommend using Dropbox's built-in "folder share" feature, organizing your vaults in file-system folders that you can then selectively share as needed.

    There's nothing to stop each employee from creating his or her own, separate vault, as well.

  • Dropbox folder share can operate on LAN @DBrown‌ ? I left Dropbox some time ago and never actually fiddled with this.

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    Dropbox is a web-based sync service: https://www.dropbox.com

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