We have two Apple ID accts, one for me and one for my wife. When in use 1password to go to my acct, no problem. When my wife uses hers the fill for the password box keeps repeating itself in the box and will not open the site. We both have the same site information saved. Whats up?


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    Try saving a new login. Often helps in situations like this.

  • Hi @wow69den

    Now you might have looked already but while the two Logins can look correct it might be the web form detail differs. If that's the cause then thightower's suggestion should resolve it. Let us know how you get along.

  • Suggestion did not work.

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    Compare the URL in your login and hers. Does it differ ?

    What browser are the each of you using ? Maybe its working in Safari for you but not Chrome for her etc. What version or 1Password and the 1Password browser extension are each of you using ? Make sure to include the browser extension number from the different browsers if that applies in your situation.

    • Assuming you are using different machines. Even if its not the case, the questions are still relevant.
  • The logon addresses were different-working now. Thank you.

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    Glad to hear it !

  • Thank you @thightower for your detective prowess, we can mark another as resolved :)

    As this seems to be resolved @wow69den I'm going to close this thread but if you have any questions or issues in the future don't hesitate to post!

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