How can I prove I "own" 1 Password 4 for Mac?

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I bought it through the agilebits site but I'm getting the "Trial expired. Click here to buy" message. I have my purchase receipt showing paid in full. It was purchased under my old email address of "< snip >". Somewhere I saw something that indicated since I'm using the Mac edition I should have purchased it through the Apple store..... it would have been nice to have had that warning before I purchased it. I've had an awful time trying to find a place to inquire..... And what info do you need from my receipt? Please help!


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    Somewhere I saw something that indicated since I'm using the Mac edition I should have purchased it through the Apple store

    No this is not true

    Send support an email including the new and old emails along with name and a copy of the purchase receipt. They will be able to help you get things sorted.

    [email protected]

    ps. I have remove the email from the post just incase you still use it and its not a primary etc. as this is a public forum.

    Also you should receive a ticket number by auto reply. Please post that back here so the staff can connect the dots so to speak.

  • I did not receive a "ticket number by auto reply." And cannot find anywhere to write to "Support." I am getting quite agitated.

  • And..... just where in H--- do I find an e-mail address to send my old and new e-mail addresses???????? Give me a VALID link, PLEASE.

  • @Lola - @thightower gave you the email address to send your information in the post just above your second-to-last one. It's support+licenses @ When you send to that email address, you will get the ticket number he referred to.

  • OK, sorry for the outburst..... I'd been trying to get something accomplished for 5 hours. Trying to find where I was supposed to look for things. I have a bad cold, not feeling well and that's the only excuse I have for my bad mood. Please accept my apologies.

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    I have been there and really no apologies are needed. We all are human after all.

    I hope you get things sorted out and get better. For my Flu bout, it took 1 week in bed the week of xmas no less. Then 2 more weeks of 2 different meds to get well.
    I sincerely hope you are not going through similar.

  • Hi @Lola

    I see somebody is now in contact with you via our ticketing system. We do understand why it's frustrating when a program you depend on as much as this stops behaving as expected. On top of a crappy cold... definitely not fun.

    As you are now in contact with us via email I'm going to go ahead and close this thread to avoid any duplication or crosstalk that might cause confusion but if you have any further questions or issues please do post.

    ref: FPH-84764-312

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