Submit broken login pages?

i just tried to log into my t mobile account and it no longer works, it auto fills all wrong. Is there a streamlined process to notify you when these things happen? Also trying to supply the credit card messes everything up too because the expiration is month names not numbers and you set the month to a not valid option.

It would cool to have an easy way in the app to notify you of these things, maybe there is and I just missed it?


  • brentybrenty

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    @dinnid: Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to submit a report in the mobile app like there is on the desktop. Similarly, 1Password doesn't have the ability on iOS to save detailed information about the login form, but hopefully that can be improved in the future.

    It sounds like your login used to work, so something on the T-Mobile site must have changed -- even if it's just 'under the hood'. If you happen to use the desktop version as well, you can try to re-save your login for the site, which will give 1Password more information about how their login page actually works (specific field names and such, which aren't something one can easily view on iOS). It can make a huge difference!

    If you don't mind, what's the URL for the login page itself? We can see if we can find a good solution that works for you. :)

  • Hi @dinnid,

    As brenty as said, the most likely cause of a Login no longer filling as it once did is a change to the login page on the site. It doesn't have to be anything visible either, they may have simply altered field IDs at which point it can cause a Login item to not fill properly.

    One solution is normally to re-save the Login item using our Saving a Login Manually process. That sadly doesn't apply to the iOS version of 1Password though as it works in a much more confined environment. We're always trying to improve 1Password whatever platform it is on so one day we can hopefully reproduce this functionality for iOS. If you're a user of 1Password for Mac though and you sync your devices then it could help.

    We're working on a new filling logic at the moment that will hopefully be applied to both iOS and Mac, I'll see how it copes with expiry dates when represented textually instead of numerically, well I will do once I find a site that does this - I can't think of ones at the moment that I use that does this but I'm sure there must be one.

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