Master Password not allowing proper sync?

I installed 1Password on Android maybe a month or so ago and after changing some settings on my phone, uninstalled it (I believe Dropbox sync was setup at the time). A couple days ago I purchased 1Password for PC and I've been updating all my passwords, so I grabbed the Android version again (bought Premium) to sync up all the things I've changed.

When I try to login via the Android version, I can open the app via the Master Pass, but when I try to sync to Dropbox it claims the Master Pass is incorrect. I've tried it quite a few times and made sure it's the exact same pass as on the PC version (which does work and successfully syncs with Dropbox) and there are no special characters. I've also tried installing it on a new phone that never had 1Pass installed on it previously, as well as doing a Vault repair, none of which worked.

Any ideas?


  • Edit : Looks like I figured out my answer! Had to delete the vault, delete all data, restore the vault from PC, and then it worked on Android.

  • periperi

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    Hi @dr_teng. Thanks for getting in touch with us and for filling us in on your findings!

    For anyone else experiencing a similar issue, if you create a new Master Password on your Android then you are creating a new vault. Please make sure to select 'I've used 1Password before' the first time you open 1Password on your device. Then you'll be able to sync up to an existing vault. :)

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