iPad\iPhone Sync solution?

DeusDeus Junior Member
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I am looking to buy either 1Password or eWallet. I prefer 1 Password. As a Windows user I do not have any sync option with iphone and or iPad. My question is if I buy the iPassword Pro version for iPad/iPhone, do they use the same wallet files. I was thinking that until a sync solution came along I could just ssh (yes I have filesystem access) my files over manually.


  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
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    Welcome to the forums, Deus. Until a sync solution comes along, you can use 1Password's built-in backup function to create a backup of the database on your computer and restore that backup to the other device. There are one or two things of which you should be aware, however, so please do have a look at our user guide article about this before you proceed:
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