Forum header tells me I have 1 draft, but then there are no drafts

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Screenshots have it all. So where is that one draft? Or how to I get rid of that faulty info?

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  • LosInvalidosLosInvalidos Junior Member

    Haha, ok great! As I just posted this and bookmarked this new discussion, drafts went to "0" or no number in the header. Consider case closed and excuse stirring up dust.

  • As you discovered, the counter is being updated in real time. And the draft is converted to the post when you click the Post Comment button. If you ever abandon a post, though, and don't actually follow through, you'll have to click on Drafts at the top of the forum page and delete those drafts if you don't need them. You can leave them there and come back to them later and still post though, so it's handy to have if you get interrupted.

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    Sure, but the issue was I had not started writing any forum posts and as the screenshots show, while 1 draft was indicated at the top, there were no drafts that could actually be deleted. Meaning the screenshots where taking before starting to write this post.

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    Hi @LosInvalidos,

    I occasionally notice that Drafts count in page headers hasn't reset after a submitted draft has been converted to a regular post. Probably related to caching and I just ignore it. :)

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