Filling Identities and Credit Card items in 1Password for Windows is broken [OPX-1032]

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  • Just wanted to add my 2cents.
    My problem is that alot of websites that used to work without a hitch now doesn't seem to work at all.
    I am using Chrome at the moment and I'm trying to test if it is the culprit - have you had any reports of Chrome interfering with 1password payment autofill?

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    I am using Chrome at the moment and I'm trying to test if it is the culprit - have you had any reports of Chrome interfering with 1password payment autofill?

    @Teardrop3D: I have hear reports of this. Just to confirm, 1Password should only ever fill login or identity details when you tell it to. You used the term 'autofill' (which is a browser feature, not 1Password), so I just want to make sure we're on the same page there.

    That said, is it specific sites where you're encountering issues having 1Password fill identity information? It sounds like this is consistently failing for you. Is that the case?

    Regardless, please tell me the OS, 1Password, browser, and extension versions you're using, the exact steps you're taking, and what is (or is not) happening the way you expect. Even if it's happening across multiple sites, an example or two will allow us to test this to try to narrow down the cause and come up with a solution for you.

    The more information you can give, the better! For instance, do you have other extensions or security software that might be interfering? Any recent updates or installations? And if the problem seemed to coincide with a certain 1Password/extension release, be sure to let us know that too. I'd rather not leave anything to chance. Thanks in advance! :)

  • @brenty

    Sorry about using the wrong terms... I meant 1Password credit card "autofill" and not Chrome's autofill!

    Using the latest Chrome: Version 44.0.2403.107 m
    on a Win 8.1 machine.

    1Password extension:

    I have been encountering, so far, with:

    I believe this has been happening for the last couple of weeks? Most of these payments are bills so I have been using 1password to fill in the payment details in the past without any hassle.
    These websites don't _appear _to have changed their payment processing hence I feel it's an issue with either Chrome or 1password's extension.

    Basically what happens is when I select the credit card I want to use, nothing happens. Filling forms and login details are unaffected.
    For example, today's payment in I got a warning message next to creditcard field saying to enter a valid number. But the field is blank.

    Could Chrome's own Google Wallet be affecting it? I've recently added a few credit cards into the Google Payment/Wallet. So Chrome can also offer to fill in the payment fields (however it still needs to confirm CCV which is a hassle and I prefer the way 1pasword does it).
    I have since removed the credit card details. However I'm unsure whether the problems was occuring before I activated the Google Payment system.

    I will continue to try out a few things in the next week or so - whenever I need to make payment. I'll try using Firefox to see if there is a problem there too.... and also the mobile devices - but obviously this might take some time since it depends on what I need to pay! ;)

  • Hi @Teardrop3D,

    I've done some testing myself to try and save you the pain. Filling of Identities and Credit Cards is broken in both Firefox and Chrome on the Windows platform. We do have a bug report filed and I'll be adding everybody's posts from here to help highlight the severity of the issue. I am sorry for this.

    ref: OPX-1032

  • Hello. This began happening one or two 1Password updates ago. Running Windows 8.1 with Chrome 44.0.2403.125m with the latest 1Password Chrome add-in and 1Password

    1Password has always been inaccurate when filling in Identities and Credit Cards, which I can generally live with, but it won't fill in anything at all now. Usernames/passwords are fine though. It doesn't fill-in anything on the form at I tried creating a new Demo vault and disabling all other Chrome add-ins, but that doesn't help. I also uninstalled and re-installed the add-in.

    It also does not work with FireFox.

    Thanks for your help,

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  • Hi @Robert R,

    I've merged your report with another thread I've created and titled, just to try and make it easier for others. Sadly you are correct, filling of Credit Card and Identity items is broken in 1Password for Windows and the developers are trying to figure out why the code we use on one platform doesn't seem to be behaving in the expected manner on the other. This is our fault and we do apologise. I hope we can get everybody an answer and solution soon. Once again, we are sorry for this less than stellar situation :(

  • Thanks! BTW, it probably doesn't matter, but I've upgraded to Windows 10 Enterprise since my last post. 1Password works the same as before the upgrade.

  • Hi @Robert R,

    That doesn't surprise me, we're certain the issue is in our code rather than with Windows. I would fully expect the fix to work over all the required versions though including Windows 10. Now we don't have an extension for Edge as I believe Edge doesn't support extensions but given I've read they hope Chromium based extensions will be supported (with a few tweaks) I would hope the future looks promising.

    Windows 10 Enterprise though, is that a test machine you have or are you one of those brave people forging ahead?

  • No tester here. I'm a MCP and the Enterprise version was the first non-beta available so I went for it. Have to say that I am impressed with the performance and the (so far) complete lack of any problems.

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    Watch out for the Start Menu bug if you have more than 512 registered executables @Robert R, I'll leave it to Ars to explain better than I. No doubt it will be fixed of course. Of course I've caused the conversation to slip off topic a bit here :tongue: I will endeavour to post news of our bug as we work on it in this thread.

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    Identity forms isn't working for me on two different Windows 10 computers on several websites. It was working fine about a week ago. I think it broke in the last update. Both computers are running firefox 39.0 and 1P version 4.6.0584 (12).

    edit: I re-posted this here

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    Indeed. We have a workaround. Please see my response in the aforementioned thread.

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