1Password 3.8.22 and Firefox 40

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    I have a MacBook running Lion (10.7.5), the latest OX supported on this platform. I am running 1Password Version 3.8.22 (build 32010), and like others have found that Firefox 40 does not support this version of 1Password.

    I need Firefox for other plugins that are successfully keeping track of Mozilla development, and not stranding their customers. Does AgileBits really intend to entirely strand their legacy customers?

    While I am aware of the problems with support of legacy releases, I am a working artist, and cannot afford to junk out my hardware investment to keep pace with the development of newer hardware demanding newer operating system versions. Is this the end of the line for such users of 3.8? If so, please provide a migration path to store my passwords inside Firefox (definitely not my choice!). I do not think it is wise for users to reject future releases of Firefox, as they purport to have security fixes along with support of later platforms.

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    Hi @dwain0wilder,

    I've split your post from the other thread that was for Windows.

    Does AgileBits really intend to entirely strand their legacy customers?

    No, we do try to investigate to find other methods that can keep working with the legacy versions of 1Password. We've listed the list of options you have for Firefox issue here: https://support.1password.com/v3-extension-firefox/

    Your best option is to switch to Firefox 38 ESR (Extended Support Release) which will last you until March next year and that should give you some time on migrating your data. Firefox 38 ESR will be more frequently updated and supported by Mozilla than the regular builds.

    Your 1Password data is not stored within Firefox, you can switch it to Firefox ESR, install 1Password extension and the data will be sync'ed from the main 1Password program.

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    Hi MikeT,

    Thanks. I was rather breathless there, until I saw that 38.2.0ESR is available. And very glad Agilebits is looking to methods to further extend support of legacy users.

    Just to be clear, the problem for me is not that I don't want to upgrade 1Password. I take advantage of every opportunity to upgrade software. The problem is cost of keeping up with the pace of hardware technology – mostly offering features I don't even care about – is not a trivial exercise. I've acquired a whole stack of Mac computers you couldn't get $50 for, work fine but won't run currently available internet-access software. In my experience, it is internet development that is junking out hardware at a much faster pace than other software.

    But this isn't a forum for the philosophy of hardware/software interrelations and development...

  • Hi @dwain0wilder,

    I'm glad to hear that Mike's response helped!

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns about 1Password. :)

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    @4EverMaAT: You can also access that page easily from the 1Password app itself (Mac: 1Password menu; Windows > Preferences).

    And if you really wanna get crazy, you can download pretty much any version of anything we've done from the AgileBits update site: https://app-updates.agilebits.com

    Cheers! :)

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