Accessibility of Family Accounts and Vault Switcher

Hi all!

I've today started using a Family account (yay!), and found two things while interacting with the feature that can be improved for VoiceOver users:

  1. Easy One: The button at the top left of the iPhone screen to switch vaults is missing an accessibility label.
  2. A little more difficult: When using the iPhone to connect another device to the account, and using the QR code, it would be extremely helpful to have the code be accessible to VoiceOvers, in terms of knowing where it is. So the UIAccessibility protocol properties should be something like: IsAccessibilityElement="Yes"; AccessibilityLabel="QR code" or something more sensible; UAccessibilityTraits should get the UIAccessibilityImageTrait, and the AccessibilityFrame should correspond to the frame around the QR code image. That way, VoiceOver users know where on the screen the QR code is, and can more easily point other cameras at that region to more quickly find the QR code to scan.



1Password Version: 6.3 (630001)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 9.2.1
Sync Type: Family


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