Account key was just sent to me. It does not work!

1Password works. However, I was interested in transferring info in one vault to another. At one point, it asked for my A.Key. You sent it to me. It does not work - 6 times!!! Thanks, Isabel

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  • @Ibblet 1Password does not use a licence key: you need a licence file. If you bought your copy of 1P4, 1P5 or 1P6 from the AgileBits store (as opposed to from the Mac App Store) you should have received a licence file—which will licence all of those versions. 1Password 3 used a licence key but the upgrade from that version to any later one was paid, not free.

    If you did buy the upgrade from 1Password 3 it's possible you may have used some other email address when you purchased that—or perhaps you used the same one and the AgileBits' site is sending you the 1P3 key instead of the later licence file. Does any of that make sense in the context of what you've done?


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    Hi @Ibblet,

    Did Stephen's reply help to solve the problem? If not, please let us know a bit more about what you're trying to do and what happens when you try to do it, and we should be able to help you out with that. We're here for you! :)

  • Then beginning! I found that my iPad and iPod logins were 'losing' entries. I added an additional 'Vault' in the hope that my original entries would show up. That failed. And, to make matters worse, my entries were now split between two vaults. Every 'sync' failed. I cannot remember why I was trying to get my 'Activation Key', but I did need it to sign in. Apparently, in my tired mind, the 'Team' idea seemed to be the best idea. So, now I have a Team and I still cannot get all my entries into my Primary vault! My ultimate goal is to have one vault with all my entries! I look forward to your help. Thanks,


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    Hi Isabel,

    I'm really sorry that this has been as frustrating as it has been. Let's get this sorted out for you.

    When you say that your entries are split between two vaults... do you mean two vaults on your Mac? Or on two Macs? Or maybe on a Mac and an iOS device?

    While I love 1Password for Teams, and it's by far the easiest sync solution to setup, I'm not sure that it's going to help you in this case. Let's first focus on getting you setup without Teams, then once that's done we can consider the benefits of Teams... right now it'd be a bit of an apples/oranges discussion.

    It sounds like you've got 3 devices, is that right? A Mac, an iPad and an iPod Touch (or iPhone?). Are they all running 1Password 5 or 6?

    Assuming I understand your devices correctly, and your desire to just have a single vault that's synced everywhere, your best bet will be to use iCloud to sync. It's the simplest, and it works great. Let's take this one step at a time:

    Step 1 : Disconnect from Sync

    Let's make sure that we're starting from a known state. i.e. that none of the devices are syncing, so that we can best set things up again. On the Mac this should be done by going to Preferences > Sync, selecting the Primary vault, and making sure that its sync is set to None.

    On your iOS devices, go to Settings > Sync > Primary, and make sure it's not set to sync to anything.

    Step 2: Reset 1Password Data in iCloud

    In the event that there's any data in iCloud already, let's just get it out of the way. This will not affect any information on any of your devices, it will only erase data that's sitting on Apple's servers. The easiest way to do this is to use an iOS device, in 1Password, go to Settings > Advanced > Erase iCloud Data (it's at the bottom).

    Step 3: Setup Sync

    Now that all devices are disconnected, and we know that iCloud is clear, we can set things up again.

    On the Mac, go to Preferences > Sync, choose the Primary vault, and indicate that you'd like to sync via iCloud. If you're using the AgileBits store version of the app, it'll then ask you to sign in to iCloud using your AppleID. Once that's done, your Mac should be setup.

    On each iOS device, go to Settings > Sync > Primary > Start Syncing > Sync with iCloud. It may ask you for the vault password on iCloud, which would be your Mac's Master Password. Then it may show you a scary looking dialog about the vaults being different. You'll want to tap the More Info button, and then the Merge button to merge the vaults.

    I apologize for the scary dialog. In your specific case it really shouldn't be scary, but it's really difficult for us to distinguish between a user that purposefully wants to merge two vaults and a user that's doing so accidentally.

    Step 4: There is no step 4.

    At this point your devices should all be setup to sync to iCloud. Doing a change on one should show up momentarily on all other devices.

    I hope that this has helped. If you've gotten this far and would still like to hear about Teams, we'd love to talk your ear off about it.


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