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I'm from Chile so my OS is in Spanish but I use most of my software in English, because frankly, most of the time the translation is bad and the design is not suited for other languages than English (see image). So it would be great if either you could fix the translation and design issues, or even better, if I could choose English as my default language for the app independently of my OS language. And yes, I could change my OS language to english and problem solved, but thats not always possible.


1Password Version: 1Password Beta 2016.4.900
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OS Version: Win10
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  • mohamedosmanmohamedosman 1Password Alumni

    Hello @adalbiss translations are something we're regularly improving, so we really appreciate your comment. We haven't before considered making an in-app language switcher but I'll make a note of it now so that we can investigate it later. But our priority is to provide a great experience in any language so I'll file this issue and make sure we fix the design issue and spelling mistakes.

  • brentybrenty

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    Thanks for the vote! That's something we might be able to add in addition to more (and better!) localizations. Cheers! :)

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