Feature Request: Auto-Lock

Auto-Lock after "X" Minutes of Sleeping
Is there any way to set the Auto-Lock to activate after a defined time period in which the computer is sleeping? I use my Macbook Pro periodically during the day/evening. In between uses it is in sleep mode. I would like to log into 1Password and have it stayed unlocked while I'm using it throughout the day/evening, say 180 minutes, but after that auto-lock when waking up from sleep mode (in other words have it count the sleeping time as inactive computer time). As it stands now I can set auto-lock to work after x minutes but that only seems to count minutes when the macbook is actually running and doesn't seem to count sleep minutes. Example: With "Lock after" set to 180 minutes I put the macbook to sleep when I go to bed but 1Password is still unlocked when I wake the machine up in the morning. "Lock when sleeping" works but it is a PITA to have to log back in every time I wake it up. What I am looking for I guess is to have 1Password count the sleep minutes as inactive so the "lock after x minutes" feature works during sleep time or have an auto-lock after x minutes of sleep feature.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, Jim. Thank you for letting us know it would be useful to you. I will pass this along to the developers. It sounds like a pretty narrow use case, but we'll definitely take it under advisement! :-)

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