`I have been using my fingerprint to access 1Password now it wants a password which I don't have

I use my finger print to access 1 Password just like I do to open my phone. Just today it is asking for a master password which I don't have. It gives me a clue of "none". HELP It won't open now and I can't access my passwords,

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    Hi @JoyceG,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with 1Password. Since we’re talking about 1Password for iOS here, I’ve moved your post to our 1Password for iOS category, I hope that’s ok!

    Using Touch ID to unlock your iPhone, and 1Password, is pretty great, but it’s not a full substitute for your passcode (or your Master Password). Apple will prompt you for your device passcode after your iPhone restarts, and depending on your security settings, 1Password may prompt you for your Master Password occasionally as well. Even if you don’t use your Master Password frequently, it’s still important to remember, as it is the one way to unlock your 1Password data. Some people choose to write it down and store it in a secure location like a locked drawer or a safe deposit box.

    Please take a look at our article: I lost or forgot my Master Password for some more information on this. In particular, the section about steps to try and help you get back into your vault might be useful for you.

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