New team member email not going to all admins

When a new user follows the secret invite link, a notification is only sent to the person who created the team, and not all admins, as expected. This means that approvals are stalled until that person is available. Is this intentional? How can we make sure that the team admins get those notifications so that we know there are pending approvals?

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  • nmottnmott 1Password Alumni

    @jmdh admins should be receiving the confirmation emails. Have you confirmed that these people are members of the Admin group? If so, have you tried inviting someone directly via email instead of via the signup link? I'm wondering if perhaps there's a bug with using the signup link versus inviting via email, so if you wouldn't mind quickly testing that for me it would be appreciated :)

  • Thanks for confirming that this is not the intended behaviour. There are two of us in the Administrators group, and when I sent an explicit email invitation just now, I got the notification, and my colleague didn't. So it seems that the problem is not specific to the sign-up link.

  • nmottnmott 1Password Alumni
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    @jmdh after testing this it appears that 1Password Teams will email whomever invites the user if they send the invitation themselves. If they sign up using the sign up URL the owner receives the email notification. However, if you go to Account menu > Admin Console > Invitations any team admin should be able to confirm their memberships. (I tested this myself and it worked on my end.) It doesn't send the email but this will still allow you to confirm new users without having to wait for the owner :)

  • jmdhjmdh
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    @nmott can you confirm what you mean by 'owner' in this context? Is there a hidden owner concept not exposed to the UI? (We are both also in the 'Owners' group). If that's the case, how do we change that? Could we specify a team email address instead? In the long term it seems like an update would be welcomed to control where the notifications go more flexibly. Thank you!

  • nmottnmott 1Password Alumni

    @jmdh I meant the original person who set up the account. (Sorry, I should have been clearer, as it hadn't occurred to me that you were also in the "owner" group.) I've passed the feedback about being able to specify who should receive these emails along to our development team. In the meantime, going to Account menu > Admin Console > Invitations to see a full list of people awaiting confirmation is the best course of action here.

  • @nmott Okay, so it seems this is somehow locked to the state of the world when the team was created. Is it possible for you to manually fix this so that either 1) the mails go to a shared address not directly associated with a user or 2) (if 1 is not possible) to change the user who receives the emails? Given the volume of new user requests and our user expectations about responsiveness, manually checking is not going to work for us.

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    I think that's a perfectly reasonable request. It would be great to have some additional flexibility with the notifications. I don't have a time frame for when/if it happens, but it's been filed it for resolution in a future update.

    ref: B5-1775

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