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Hi, I generated a password with 1password that didn't save for my 1password account and now I can't get back signin as I don't know what this is. How can I now change this?

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    Can you sign in to your 1Password account? If not, try this.

    If you still can, have you tried looking in the Passwords category? I think they may all be stored in there. If that doesn't work this article should be helpful as well. Hope that helps! :)

  • @ness_harding7 it's not the password for my vault on the apps. It's the password used to login to the admin of my whole account. You know where you manage account subscriptions and stuff like that.

  • Ah okay, I see. To log in there I believe you need your Account Key and also your Master Password. If you can't remember your Account Key try this help page, if its the Master Password try this page instead. Also, if you have multiple 1Password accounts make sure you're using the right one, sometimes that can be tricky.

    I hope that is what you're looking for, I'm sure one of the support team members will jump in if I'm wrong!

  • Hi @tom_lj,

    Did the links that @ness_harding7 provided help you out? If you are unable to remember the Master Password for your 1Password account, you’ll need to start over with your 1Password account, as there’s no way for us to recover that information for you. Don’t worry though, the article has several other suggestions that might help before we get to that point. :)

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    Well, I asked support on email and they helped me find it under passwords so I have updated the login, in logins and all is good. :chuffed:

  • Hi @tom_lj,

    I’m glad to hear that you’re all sorted out - thanks for letting us know! :)

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