Teams: How do I share my personal vault with my husband?

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I am the administrator for my company's Teams account. I'd like to add my husband as a member and share my Personal vault with him for family PW. I added a Member and he accepted. He now looks like a Guest and I cannot share my Personal account with him. My partner isn't terribly tech-savvy and we have shared her Personal with me so I can edit it occasionally to fix duplicates so it appears that Personal accts can be shared. Please suggest what I need to do so husband can see my Personal account. I don't really want to Share 300 passwords with a new Shared vault if I can help it!

I should note: I own my company to avoid any judgment

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    Hi @lithigin - we weren't planning on judging you if you didn't own your company. :)

    Glancing at your account, it appears you (or someone) did indeed invite your husband as a Guest. Because a guest account is fundamentally different from a team member, you won't be able to change this -- but you can delete his guest account and invite him as a full-fledged team member. This will give him a Personal vault, as well as access to the Shared vault -- and any other vaults you want him to have access to as well.

    However, there is no way, cryptographically, for your husband to share your Personal vault, short of actually giving him your Master Password (which I don't recommend). If the two of you don't mind keeping your personal, private-life data on what is officially a company account, you're welcome to do so. What you can do, as Administrator on the account, is create a vault and set the permissions so that only you and your husband have access to it. Then both you and he can transfer login or other items that you may have been keeping in your Personal vault but want to share with one another: bank accounts, the family Netflix password, whatever. This way, you also each retain a Personal vault for things like your individual email accounts, Facebook logins, etc, as well as access to the company information in Shared (and other) vaults, while still having a "couple" vault for just the two of you.

  • That's helpful; thank you. When I did Invite Member, there was no Guest or Member option; how do I make it a Member invite?

    And how can I transfer 300 PW into this new Shared couple vault without going into each and Copy?

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    @lithigin -- when you're in your account in a browser, look over to the right sidebar. You'll see Invitations. Clicking on that takes you to the Invitations page (I know, go figure! ;) ), and when you click the plus button, you'll see a pop-up to invite people by email address. You'll also see a little checkbox that says "invite as guest," which I'm guessing was perhaps inadvertently clicked last time. This time, make sure you just invite hubs as a regular team member (which is the default, if you don't check that "guest" box).

    To move multiple items, you'll need to open 1Password on your Mac or iOS device or PC, then follow these instructions to easily move multiple items between vaults. Happy migration! :)

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