cannot log in to Box anymore with 1PW

Since Box has changed their login sequence to 2 separate pages (first page is username only, 2nd page is password only) 1PW no longer works. I have tried deleting the existing 1PW items, logging in again and creating a new 1PW entry, but Box will not accept it. It looks like 1PW is filling out correctly (e-mail is filled in for username, masked pw is filled in for pw, but then an error results)

1Password Version: 6.7.457
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows10 x64 latest update
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    Hi @eelliott,

    Thanks for reporting this. I've moved your thread to our Saving and Filling in browsers forum as our extension team can investigate this.

    Do you have auto-submit turned on for this Login item? If yes, try to edit the Login item and disable the auto-submit support (look for the submit option on the bottom of the login item, set it to never), see if that'll help. Some sites dislike the way 1Password auto-submits but is okay with the user manually logging in.

  • Interesting: no "Submit" option in the web version, even when opening for edit, Only in desktop version...

    If I change to "Never" it now fills in username, I then manually press NEXT, but now the password is not filled in by 1P, which is pretty useless...

  • Ok,,, just found more weird behavior that maybe will help you pinpoint the issue: After changing back to "Submit When Enabled" (not quite sure that that means, but it was the default) 1P puts in my username, I press NEXT, it presents the password field, I select "Crtl-/" again, 1P fills in the password. I get an error message from Box (same one I originally reported) "an error occurred, press BACK to return and try again". I do that... and now I am in Box! This behavior is repeatable...

  • Hello @eelliott,

    I did want to create a test account but they need a lot of real details so as an alternative route I wonder if you'd be willing to test something for us to see if we can learn a little more.

    The last resort troubleshooting tip for multi-page sign-in forms is to save one Login item per page from inside the browser as a way to try and maximise the chances of 1Password successfully filling whatever is needed. The idea uses the steps laid out on our page How to save a Login manually in your browser to create each one.

    Now we won't ever submit on the username page as the cautious behaviour of 1Password is to only submit if we fill a visible password field that we can leave focus on. With the separate Login items saved though what we're looking to discover is:

    1. Does the username Login item correctly fill and is there any issue when you attempt to proceed to the next page?
    2. If you fill with the password Login item with autosubmit enabled do you see any difference or is the observed behaviour the same?
    3. Is there any difference if you perform 2 again but this time with autosubmit disabled.

    There's no guarantee we'll learn something useful but it is worth checking just to see if we do.

  • I will test this for you. Back to you with results as soon as I have the time.

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    Thanks for being willing to test this for us, @eelliott! We look forward to your findings. :)

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