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  • Hi Ben,

    I have a stand alone version of 1Password. For that, I need a Primary vault, right?

    I've just installed on a new Mac, and it's showing my account is frozen. But on my iPhone, I can still add logins. How do I resolve this?


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    Hi @paulmcclellan

    It sounds like you signed up for a 1Password membership trial at some point. Memberships are the only place where we use the term ‘frozen’. If your intention is to use 1Password standalone with a license, rather than a subscription membership, you’ll need to sign out of that membership trial:

    How to move your data to a standalone vault to use 1Password without an account

    Please note that 1Password licenses are for a specific version of 1Password, so if you’ve installed 1Password 7 for Mac for example you’ll need to purchase / have purchased a license for that version. That or use a membership subscription. :)

    I hope that helps!


  • Thanks Ben! I'm now signed out of my account. When I open the stand alone app (on Mac), it shows "Read-Only". I assume that this is because I need to purchase a stand alone license? But I can save logins via iPhone. Is the license only for Mac?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    That is correct. :)


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