problem when changing master password

i've been running 1P on mac, windows & iOS for a month or so, with a paid subscription. All was OK until tonight when i decided to change my master password to something more secure. I did this on the mac and it was accepted (i think) then i hit problems. i can log into the app on the mac & PC using old password but new password is not accepted. when i try & log into online account, neither password is accepted. From the iPad & mac i had access to change master password still so I tried this and my old password was accepted as current but then both said "update failed" when i entered a new new password. i have exported my logins so i have a copy offline but need to know how to proceed with resetting my account as I cannot log into my online account anymore.
( i knew it was a bad idea when i started....)

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  • brentybrenty

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    @robbinia: Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry to hear that. Do you by any chance have a Primary vault on any of your devices? Are you able to sign into your account on in your browser?

    ref: LRE-49237-421

  • Hi
    I can still log into the 1P app on all my devices using my original password but get an "authentication error" each time.
    I have a personal vault that was syncing between devices but that seems to have stopped, due to the account issue I presume.
    I cannot log into my online 1P account as it doesn't accept my old password anymore.

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    @robbinia: Likewise, thanks for getting back to me with the additional details. I'll actually follow up with you via email to get some diagnostic information so we can get you sorted.

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