Unable to download vault from Chrome extension

I used to use an older version of 1Password for Chrome that required the usage of desktop app and used Dropbox to sync my vault on my Android phone. I just installed the newer version of the desktop app on my mac, which has replaces the older one, and when syncing my vault from Dropbox, it is showing an empty vault.

Since I still have the older version of 1Password for Chrome installed, I can access my vault there. How can I get to sync this vault to the new desktop app and then to to the new 1Password for Chrome app? Else, how can I export my vault from the older version of 1Password for Chrome so that I can import?

Thank you!

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    @mghmiguel: First, make sure you don't delete anything. I don't really have any idea what's going on there, but just to be safe. Unfortunately without the basic information you left out of your post it's hard to say what might be going wrong and how we might right it! Please tell me the OS, 1Password, browser, and extension versions you're using, the exact steps you're taking, and what is (or is not) happening the way you expect so we can figure out the best plan of action:

    Find your version

    The more information you can give, the better. For instance, you say that you have "the older version of 1Password for Chrome installed". If you mean the Chrome extension, what about the old app? Are you able to access your data there? Thanks in advance! :)

  • You are totally right @brenty, my apologies. This is the step-by-step:

    • Until yesterday that I installed the latest Chrome extension (1.12.3) and mac (7.2.2) app, I had been using an old version of the Chrome extension ( in conjunction with an old version of mac app (3.8.21), which is required to make such an old extension work. In parallel, I had installed on my Android phone the mobile app (7.0.7), which uses the Dropbox sync.
    • After installing yesterday the new Chrome extension and mac app (the old versions of both are still installed), I imported my Dropbox file into the mac app but the vault shows up empty. Nevertheless, I can still access it on the old Chrome extension so would like to somehow export it from there and then upload it into the new mac app. When I try to launch the old mac app, it is crashing after entering the password of my old vault (the one that I can access on the old Chrome extension) so cannot access my vault on the mac app anymore.
    • As a note, the Dropbox-based sync between the old extension and the mac app had stopped working some weeks ago so at this time, the most up-to-date version of my vault is located in the old extension and not in the mac app. Not sure if Dropbox has also the most up-to-date version at this time but due to the sync issue, I would lean towards that it does not.

    Let me know if you need any further info. I am stuck without accessing all my passwords hence unable to be productive so any prompt help would be very helpful!

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    @mghmiguel: No need to apologize! I'm just terrified of telling you the wrong thing and having you lose data, if we proceed without understanding the situation fully. Thanks for bearing with me. :blush:

    I really appreciate the details. At this point, since the app is crashing and you won't be able to get any info from that, it would be best to generate a diagnostic report so we can look at the logs to see what is where:


    Please send it to [email protected] and add the following Support ID (including the square brackets) to the subject of your diagnostics email before sending:


    If you’re reading this and you are not mghmiguel, this Support ID is for mghmiguel only. Please ask us for your own if you also need help.

    This will link it to our current conversation. Once we see it we should be able to better assist you. Thanks in advance!

    ref: GRN-27974-433

  • I managed to fix this by myself @brenty but thanks so much for your help!

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    Sure thing! Thank you for the update. It sounds like you should be all set, but if you need anything else we're here for you. :)

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