Browser 'close' button does nothing [in iOS 5 beta]

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I'm using the current app store 1Password for iPad, on an iPad 1. The browser close button doesn't do anything when tapped. The only way to get out of it is to hit the home button, and close 1P from the running apps bar.

Is this a known bug?

EDIT: never mind, I'm using iOS 5 beta; I'll check this again on release.


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    Thanks for that update. I was trying to reproduce the problem on the current stable version of iOS and couldn't. I thought I was going crazy. :-)

    We've got some other iOS 5 fixes to roll out as well once Apple allows developers to release iOS 5 apps. Thanks for mentioning this!
  • Ah, sorry about wasting your time. Against Apple's recommendations (but in accord with my bank balance) I use the same devices for dev and personal use, so tend to forget I'm always on the latest beta.
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    Don't sweat it. I'm just glad we didn't spend too much time trying to reproduce it in iOS 4. :-D
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