Master Password works on App but not online

Hi - I have a master password for my company stored on my personal 1 password. When trying to add a new person to my team via the confirm email, I am asked to enter my master password for my business account. I cut and paste it, does not work. I see that the first 8 characters match just fine, and the same master password was used to setup the app on my Mac. Why does it work on my Mac, but not online! Can I reset master password from the app???


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  • Hello @davev,

    When you invited the user initially the master password worked to log into It's only when you are confirming the user that the password doesn't work?

    Could you please start a support ticket using the contact form here:

    We will most likely need to go into more detail than we can on the public forums to help get this resolved for you. Please reply here with the Support ID for the ticket so we can follow up.

  • Hi - Thanks for the quick reply. Ticket has been submitted - #WQE-79347-615. Thanks.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Great! We'll continue the conversation there. :):+1:

    ref: WQE-79347-615

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