AutoFill for WiFi routers and bank accounts, please

Hey there,
correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like AutoFill currently does not work for items like WiFi routers or bank accounts even when the fields for URLs or IP adresses are filled. Why? 1Password mini also doesn't show the "Open&Fill" option when searching manually for these types.

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  • Greetings @maybeblade,

    That is correct. Many of the categories of items in 1Password are more about storing sensitive details than for filling. When it comes to filling the following types can do so:

    1. Login items.
    2. Credit Card items.
    3. Identity items.
    4. Password items.

    For sign-in pages for things like your router we would ask that you save a Login item. For things like email, where the service supports both a web interface and the likes of IMAP I create a Login item for the web interface and then only add the IMAP related details to the Email item, leaving out the username and password so that there is always just one item I need to keep updated. I hope that helps a little.

  • Is this "feature" by design? Because I was just bit by this too and it's annoying to not be able to fill your passwords properly (from "wifi ruter" type entries).

  • Hello @tkossak,

    While it may not be a decision that we'd make the same way today yes, it was by design. Those four types were designed with filling in mind and all have very specific attributes, many of which are hardcoded into their format. Other categories are more for storing additional information, the sort of thing you might find useful to keep in 1Password but they weren't designed to fill.

    For my router I keep two items, one for logging in and one for all the other type of details I may want to retrieve. For email accounts a Login item stores the email address and password for the webmail interface when available and I use the Email Accounts item for IMAP details. That way I have a useable item for the right situation and I'm not worrying about information being duplicated.

    What we may do in the future is subject to change but it will have to account for formats that are the same today as they were in 2009 when (I think) we designed the Agile Keychain. I confess I'm not very good on what earlier versions of 1Password did and any format they used so it may have been even older than that.

  • I guess we have to live with this for foreseeable future then. But have my +1 vote to change it, because in my opinion it is unnecessary hassle to keep the properties of the same entity in two different items. And having proper icons for wifi entries is nice too, so they do not look like normal websites.

  • While it won't address the major point made, you can always add a custom icon to any item. I only know the steps for 1Password for Mac off the top of my head but there you edit the item and then you can either drag and drop an image onto the icon area or double click the space to bring up a small macOS-esque selector that includes selecting a file.

  • tkossaktkossak
    edited January 2019

    @littlebobbytables It works through webapp too (just click the icon in edit mode to upload new one)! So I think now that I can just use the 4 mentioned types (password/login/etc) for everything and I won't lose any functionality, right? Other types seem to have only different labels (besides icons), and I can add whatever labels I want to password/login entries.
    One more question: do uploaded icons count towards our 1GB quota?

  • Hello @tkossak,

    I believe it would count towards the quota but we do limit the size of any custom icon and shrink if supplied a larger version. I think you would need to have a very large number of items and custom icons (as in really large) before it should warrant concern. I have several vaults and I haven't tipped over 40MB yet. I'm sure others have far larger vaults but I would expect it would take uploading several large documents before 1GB becomes problematic. Obviously daring to suggest a particular number should be more than fine is inviting discrediting by future events and that's never happened in the history of computers :tongue: but there is an assumption that secure storage of documents is better suited to an encrypted filesystem rather than a vault, which you'd probably use for the passwords to those encrypted volumes.

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