Upgrading to 1Password MAS broke my iPhone wi-fi sync

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I searched for a thread in which this was addressed but couldn't find one. I can see my iPhone as available in my new 1Password MAS app, and in the 1Password Touch Pro app I can enable wi-fi and allow new connections, resulting in the auth codes. But when I go back to 1Password MAS on my MacBook Pro and hit "sync now" I get nothing.


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    I was just testing this a second ago. Good timing that I am reading this now. :-)

    Before I go too far, I just want to mention that 1Password offers a method of syncing that is fully automatic, does not require you to even be near your computer, and is our recommended method of securely syncing.

    With Dropbox syncing, you can keep 1Password up to date from across town or across the country — anywhere you have an Internet connection. You Mac doesn't even have to be turned on!


    I would strongly advise going with Dropbox syncing. It is more robust and just as secure as Wi-Fi syncing. :-)

    If you would prefer to stick with manually syncing via Wi-Fi, please read on.

    On your Mac, if your iOS device is already listed in the sidebar under the SYNC section, please remove it by right-clicking on it and selecting "Delete…"

    IMPORTANT: Because of the Bonjour networking service that Apple provides for Wi-Fi syncing, please restart your Mac and iOS device before proceeding further. You can restart your iOS device by holding down both the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo appears.

    Now, please open 1Password on your Mac and iOS device.

    On your iOS device, go to Settings > Sync and turn WiFi Sync ON, then follow these steps:

    1. Tap "Allow New Connections"
    2. 1Password on your iOS device will display two secret sync codes.
    3. On your Mac you should be prompted to enter the codes automatically
    4. Click "OK" and begin configuring your sync options.
    5. Click "Sync Now" to perform a sync operation.

    If you are still stuck, please take a look at our Wi-Fi Sync Troubleshooting Guide.


    Please let me know how it turns out, or if you have any additional questions.

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