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Hi there - since moving to 1Password 7 I'm missing something that used to be very easy: When there are multiple possible username/password combos for a given site (for example signing into a webmail location where both my wife and I have accounts) it used to be that when presented with a login window I could press cmd-\ and if there were multiple possibilities I'd get a list of the multiple sign-ins and could arrow-up/down to the one I want and hit return. Now in the current version it just auto-fills the 1st possibility - the only way I see to choose from multiple users is to not use the keyboard shortcut and instead I have to click on the mini icon, then I get the list and I can arrow to the one I want and hit return - this is more clumsy and time consuming than the keyboard shortcuts. What can I do to get the old behavior back?

1Password Version: v7.2.4
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.12.6
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @richbreen,

    1Password should always prompt if it finds two or more equally valid matches - we haven't changed that. There must be some difference in the URLs. It won't be anything in the path, 1Password doesn't use that for matching but something before that. I'll use Amazon as an example as it was one that somebody was having trouble with recently. One Login item only referenced it as while the second used As the sign-in form is loaded on though that is an exact match while the first is considered an inexact match. You can fill with the second but using ⌘\ wouldn't result in the expected prompt. Could that be what is happening here?

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    Thanks for the reply - yes, I suspect it is some version of what you're suggesting. Weird that I don't't run into this with 1Password 6 (I still have a second machine with 6 on it); perhaps 1P6 was less rigorous in its match criteria?

    Anyway, thanks for the help.

  • Hi @richbreen,

    1Password 6 had an option, since removed in 1Password 7, where it would only look at the registered domain name i.e. strip away any and all subdomains for the purposes of matching. If that was enabled in 1Password 6 it would mean 1Password would treat and as equal while 1Password 7 won't. I wonder if that could explain the differences you've observed. The option was titled Allow filling on pages that closely match saved websites and could be found in the Browsers tab of 1Password 6's preferences.

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    Just checked on my 1P6 machine and I see that option, but it's not checked. Strange - anyway, it doesn't matter; you've given me enough of a clue to get 1Password 7 to work the way I want it to.


  • Hello @richbreen,

    Odd, if it had been checked that would have nicely explained the differences. Well we might not have a tidy explanation but if tweaking the stored URLs is resulting in the desired behaviour then at least that's positive progress :smile:

    If you run into any further oddities please let us know.

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