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I completely and totally don't know what my password is. I misplaced it. I will prevent it from happening again please help!

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  • Oh dear @levdarkhovsky, i'm sorry to hear this.
    Have you taken a look at our support guide to help when you forget your Master Password?

    As you would expect, we cannot reset or change your Master Password for you. I can help you start over via email, which I'll send you shortly. Let's carry things on from there. :+1:

  • Why can't you send a link to reset the password???

  • Why can't you send a link to reset the password???

    If that would be possible 1Password would not be safe because it would mean that the company would be able to decrypt the data.
    1Password's security comes from encryption not from authentication, meaning that the data is not readable by the developers or any administrators of the servers. This ensures the data's safety but it makes it impossible to reset a password.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Indeed, as peacekeeper mentioned, the data is encrypted. The only way to "undo" encryption and turn the data into something usable is with the decryption keys (essentially, your Master Password and Secret Key). This guide may help understand the "why":

    Authentication and encryption in the 1Password security model


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