i have forgotten my master password

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is there any way to get my master password back? i was using my thumbprint but that is no longer available for whatever reason. If you won't give it back, refund my money.

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    I am sorry for the trouble, @mikegodawski. I'm sure you're frustrated and that's understandable when you're unable to access something as important as your 1Password data, but this is a family friendly forum and profanity is against the forum guidelines. I've edited the title of your post, but please try to refrain from using profanity moving forward.

    I also see you've been in touch with one of my teammates via e-mail, so to avoid any duplication of efforts here, I'm going to leave you in her capable hands. I've also gone ahead and dropped her a line so she knows you posted on the forum as well and is able to benefit from any information you've included here in addition to what you've shared via e-mail. This will ensure she has the most complete picture of your issue and is best equipped to help. :chuffed:

    ref: DPR-62284-731

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    @mikegodawski: You totally have control over your own actions. Similarly, we have control over ours...but we can't really help as far as improving our documentation if you don't tell us specifically what you found confusing or otherwise in need of improvement. :blush:

    However, I will say our the documentation on forgotten Master Passwords is a bit vague, but I'm not sure that can be helped since we literally never know your Master Password; only you ever did. I'd encourage you to try all of the tips in the guide as they may help you gain access again, as they have many others:


    Alternatively, if you're part of a 1Password Family or Team, another Owner, Organizer, or Admin can help you recover your account, so you can create a new Secret Key and Master Password:


    You can try as many times as you want. You won’t be “locked out”, but you will not be able to access your data unless you can enter the required Master Password correctly, as that's what you've encrypted your data with -- it simply cannot be decrypted without it. Anyway, I see we're in touch with you via email, so let's continue the conversation there to avoid further confusion and duplication of effort. Thanks.

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    Brent, i am neither a member of a larger organization, owner, team, or admin. I am a lone person. Why I forgot the password is beyond me, but i did. IT HAPPENS. I cannot imagine i'm the first person to do this! Perhaps I relied on the thumbprint access from my phone. That isn't working anymore.

    @mikegodawski: You're right. People forget their Master Passwords sometimes. That's why you're told to remember your Master Password and made to practice it to even proceed with account creation, and why the first thing you're presented with upon creating the account is a prompt to download, fill out, and securely store your Emergency Kit. I'm not sure we can make that any clearer, and in spite of getting a lot of pushback from people that this feels heavy-handed, we haven't backpedaled on that because it's absolutely critical that you have your account credentials, otherwise you get locked out of your data forever. So I don't think it's fair at all to try to put that on us: we neither chose the Master Password for you nor made you forget it. I'm sorry if you've forgotten your Master Password, but that's just not something we have control over; it's up to you.

    If you feel that you being the only person able to access your data -- not us, not attackers, not government agencies -- is a deal breaker, I don't know what to tell you. It's critical to the security of all 1Password users that 1Password does not have a backdoor, and that we're never in a position to know or be able to reset 1Password users' passwords.

    So, tell me. If you bought a car and lost your key and found out that you can never use that car after losing your key, what would you do? Would you grouse? Would you complain?

    A car can be used entirely without a key. If 1Password worked that way too, it would not be secure at all and then definitely no one would use it. I wouldn't either.

    I am a computer programmer and know somebody who writes this code has a way of getting at the data. Heck, your QA folks probably have it. But you don't want to share that information.

    You're wrong about that. The Master Password and Secret Key are used to encrypt the data locally on your device, and neither is ever sent to us. You can learn more about 1Password's security model in our white paper, but as a computer programmer you may be even more interested in our Secure Remote Password implementation, which we do share, and which is how account credentials are never sent to us. Otherwise we wouldn't be willing to host user data, even encrypted, as we'd have the "keys" to it.

    I also have every piece of information I used to sign-up and pay for this product.

    It sounds like you're missing at least one: your Master Password. I hope you're able to remember it, because unless you told someone else what it is, only you would ever know it.

    Since I have a product I can no longer use, it is useless. Far enough? Unless you can give me something that works--even if it is a NEW userid/password combination, i feel that i wasted my money and will be forced to complain.

    Even if you're absolutely unable to get back into the account, you're not out any money and you can still use 1Password, because we can help you setup a new one and apply credit from the one you'll no longer be using.

    Can you assist me? If not, lets move on to the point where we discuss you refunding my money.

    Feel free to reply via email at your convenience. We're not going to discuss anything involving someone's account details, payment, or any other sensitive information here in a public forum, as this is neither private nor secure. I'll be happy to assist you there either way. Thanks in advance.

  • If you bought a car and lost your key and found out that you can never use that car after losing your key, what would you do?

    Considering a car you are correct but the analogy for 1Password would rather be a safe/vault where the manufacturer guarantees my key is unique. If the manufacturer of such a vault would be able to offer me a duplicate key if I lose mine, THAT is when I would demand the refund...

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    I think that is a fairly reasonable analogy from @peacekeeper. Except we don't even have the mold for the key, and never have, so there is absolutely no way for us to produce a key that will unlock the vault. The key is generated by and known only to the person who created the account (i.e. you, the customer).


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