Perspective - Steve Jobs 1955-2011

CarlCarl Just Me
Very sad day for many. :(

I would argue his loss is an end of an era.


Condolences to the Jobs family.

The Apple community mourns your loss.


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  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    “Steve let the applause go on for a little bit, then, with much effort, settled down the crowd. When things got quiet, the first thing he said was: ‘That's an awful lot of applause considering that you guys are the ones who do all the work.’”
  • Khad, that's a great quote from Steve. Thank you for putting here. Steve Jobs was one extremely bright and visionary person. Gifted.

    I can't imagine what the computing world would be, had he not walked this earth. May he rest in peace.
  • hmurchisonhmurchison Junior Member
    Well said. Steve was demanding and even arrogant but he was humble in ways that you just don't see that often. He
    had a wonderful perspective on things (Loved his discussion on All Things Digital with Mossberg and Swisher)

    Hey wasn't a teddy bear but most great leaders aren't. He will be missed.
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    Thank you for posting this Carl. I especially liked the title... it reminds us all that sometimes we need to put things in perspective.
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