Dark mode on Windows?

Hello, I didn't find anything recent - is there any ETA on a dark mode for Windows?

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  • brentybrenty

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    It's something we'd like to do, but we've got a lot of other stuff we've been working on lately. We'll keep on knocking things off our todo list one at a time though, so it may be that we'll have some free cycles to spare on a good redesign to accommodate that in the future. Cheers! :)

  • Hello.

    I would be interested in a dark mode, because as is, 1Password is not fit for the visually impaired like me. It's light interface on Windows is a pain to use, and I don't see myself subscribing to it until this is fixed.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for sharing your perspective @AxelTerizaki.


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