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Its awesome to see that you provide a "Hide on this page" feature in the newest build. However, what's the reasoning behind not making it permanent? If a site is tricky/incompatible with 1password, there's very low chance that the site will somehow magically improve after a browser restart?

also see for context

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    Hey, @trondhindenes. It's great to hear that you're enjoying the "Hide on this page" feature. Our initial intention was to make the blocked list more permanent but we ran into a few technical hurdles that we need to resolve first. In the meantime, we thought that the ability to even temporarily hide 1Password on a page would be useful to some folks so we shipped that part of the feature.

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    Hi @dalton I have Show autofill menu on field focus enabled which is handy for username and password fields, however I'm running into an issue with some web sites. Can you please change Hide on this page to allow us to blacklist the application's URL?

    There's an app at work that has a field named AccountName which is not a username field, rather it's for a customer name. Hide on this page is only temporary and I wish that 1Password would ignore that field for that entire domain name not the specific page URL such as "". Thank you! :)

  • How to revert this if you accidentally click on the "Hide on this page"?

  • Ok. I figured it out - need to restart the browser :)

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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    @joeldevera – Just a heads up that you can always right click a field and choose "Show 1Password" in the context menu. That'll cause the 1Password icon to reappear in the field if you've previously chosen to hide it. Restarting the browser works too, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of that trick in case you weren't in a good spot to restart your browser. :)

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