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I'm wondering whether 1Password is already converting keychains. Reason being that it seems to be taking 1Password much longer to unlock my keychain than it used to. It's annoying, but if the reason for it is that my keychain is now more secure than it used to be then I suppose I shouldn't complain.


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    Hi Ben,

    We are not converting to increased PBKDF2 iterations for existing keychains. That is something that needs to be done extremely carefully to be sure that there will be no data loss.

    But we are converting to elimination of the password strength indication being in the data file. So the performance hit you are seeing is almost certainly due to that. 1Password has to recalculate those on the fly. If you sort your data by password strength, then 1Password needs to decrypt and calculate this for all items before it can display anything.

    Are you sorting by password strength?


  • benfdcbenfdc Perspective Giving Member
    Don't think I ever have. My usual sorts are name, creation date, or modification date. I guess it must be a performance issue somewhere else in my system.
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    Does it make a difference if you remove the password strength column (View > Columns > Password Strength) from view?
  • benfdcbenfdc Perspective Giving Member
    Password strength is checked in View > Columns, but I usually am in Shelves view so I never see it.

    Just unchecked it, and it does seem to make a difference.

    Does the size of the keychain affect how long it takes to unlock when the program is launched? Just curious, as my item count is a bit north of 800. :-)
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    This has been Jeff's working theory, and it seems that you may have provided evidence that he is correct (yet again). Not that I did in this case, but I've learned to never bet against that man.

    If Jeff is correct, the size should have a direct effect on the issue. I'll ping him on this in case he is not already following the thread.
  • benfdcbenfdc Perspective Giving Member
    If only 1Password weren't SO DARN HANDY!!!

    The fact is that I started using the program not because I was looking for a password manager, but to keep track of software licenses (having acquired it years earlier in a MacHeist bundle). I've been stuffing my keychain with info, sensitive or not (e.g., my rewards cards), ever since.

    I'm guessing that no more than half of what is in there really has to be stored securely, but having everything in one place and accessible virtually anywhere (including a pdb on my Treo) is sufficiently valuable that I'm not inclined to do a lot of pruning.
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    You certainly shouldn't need to do any pruning. We designed the keychain to scale gracefully from MB to GB, but the recent changes related to [font=courier new,courier,monospace]passwordStrength[/font] may benefit from some refinement. :)
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