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I am unsure on how to make a seperate private vault to help keep things organised. I do not want other family admins to be able to access it and for it to just be private, like the default one. Hopefully if this isn't possible yet it becomes an option in the future.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @dwpl

    I understand the desire. At present, this isn't possible. You can create additional vaults, but they will be shared vaults. Others won't have access to them by default, but anyone who is a Family Organizer within your membership could add themself to such a vault. Each account only gets one Private / Personal vault, which isn't at all visible to anyone else. This does mean that you either need to trust the Family Organizers within your membership, or remove them as Family Organizers.


  • I just upgraded from a personal account to 1password Families, and this is very disappointing to learn.

    I have several personal private vaults to keep things organized. My wife wants to do the same thing on her account. We want only one shared vault between us. As I understand it, there is no way for each of us to have multiple private vaults and have a shared vault.

    What reason is there for this limitation? Clearly private vaults are possible, as are multiple shared vaults. It seems like a large oversight to not allow private vaults, as well as being somewhat obscured by the description of 1password Families. On it says:

    "Not everything needs to be shared with the whole family. Personal vaults let everyone keep their own private passwords and documents, all managed under a single subscription."

    Note the plural Personal vaults there. You clearly cannot have multiple personal vaults, so that is very misleading.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    We will certainly continue to evaluate this to see if there is anything we can do to extend the feature to more vaults :+1:

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You can set up non-private, non-shared vaults that should (mostly) serve the purpose. It would then take deliberate action on the part of the Family Organizer(s) to associate themselves with the new vaults to access their contents. In other words, as long as a situation of trust exists between family members, accidental access to info considered private would be impossible. This is the system I use for the family members I support (as a Family Organizer). And if and when 1Password DOES allow multiple private vaults, it should be relatively easy to migrate contents from the non-private, non-shared vaults to the multiple private ones. Good luck in your efforts to deal with this.

    Good information; thanks for sharing. :)


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