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Looking at system requirements for 1Password for Windows in the Agile Store, Windows 8 isn't mentioned. Reading through this forum, it appears that 1Password is being run on Windows 8. So, I'm confused. Before I buy, I would appreciate knowing the answers to these questions:

1. Has 1Password for Windows been updated for Windows 8?
2. If not, when is the updated version expected to be available? Will there be an additional charge for those who have 1Password for Windows now?
3. If I buy 1Password for Windows now, will it be fully supported for Windows 8?

I use 1Password on my Macs. I'm upgrading my VMs from XP, on which I use RoboForm, to Windows 8. I'd very much like to have 1Password on Windows 8, but I'm not clear on what I'm getting in to if I buy 1Password for Windows 8 now.


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    1Password for Windows works in Windows 8 desktop mode.

    Any upgrade will be subject to our standard upgrade policy:

    Major new releases will require a paid upgrade, but it will be a discounted upgrade for paid license holders. Those who purchase 1Password within 45 days of any major upgrade will be able to upgrade for free. (Going from any version of 1Password 3 to any version of 1Password 4 is called a major version upgrade and will be paid, except if you purchased your license within 45 days prior to the new version’s release.)

    Please use the free trial before making a purchase. We want you to be completely satisfied.

    If you have any trouble before or after your purchase, we are always here to help.
  • Khad, thanks for the info. Will 1Password 4 be available both from the MAS and the Agile Online Store? Or, I suppose if the Windows version is purchased as part of the package, then it couldn't be obtained from the MAS?
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    At this time nothing has been announced beyond the deal we are offering:

    All Mac App Store copies of 1Password come with a free upgrade to Mac version 4 when available.

    In light of this, it makes the most sense to purchase 1Password for Mac on the Mac App Store (especially since all of our apps are on sale right now). If you email us your MAS receipt we'll be glad to give you the bundle price on a Windows license so you don't pay a penny more than what you would pay if you bought the bundle. And you get the free upgrade to Mac version 4 on top of it. :)

    You can email us your MAS receipt (or any questions) at any time: [email protected] agilebits .com

    Hope that helps.

  • I sent the email with the receipt.
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    Thanks! Just replied. :)
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