Convert Generated Password to a Login


I used the password generator to generate a password - funnily enough.

I have the password and the URL saved but not my username as I had forgotten my password and was resetting it. Nothing wrong with 1Password - working as it should be.

I want to convert the Generated Password to a Login without having to cut and paste. Is there any way to do that or is it cmd-c time?


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    There isn't a way to "convert" since the Generated Password items are intended as a safety net (so you don't want to remove the safety net by converting it). The User Guide shows how to change a Login's password. It sounds like you've already completed the first part: "Update the password online". Now you just need to finish with the second section: "Update 1Password's local copy".

    Changing a Login’s Password

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
  • I never created a 1Password record of the Login. If I had I won't have had to change the password, 1Password could have logged me straight in. A stitch in time and all that. I create a new login and paste the password in. Thanks for the help.
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    Cheers! Just keep in mind that a Generated Password item is separate from a Login item. :)

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
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