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  • pbGuypbGuy Member
    edited January 2013
    Congratulations on the new Forum set-up. Looks great. =D> 

    2 things I've noticed in my short visit - 

     1) While my avatar ported over, it appears quite fuzzy. Is there a recommended size / resolution for this new forum? 

     2) I'm using my iPad to post this comment, while in landscape, and I've noticed when I change pages within mobile Safari, the forum's landscape doesn't correctly adapt to the iPad's landscape view. - The resulting view (that I see on my iPad) is oversized just a small bit, which I can quickly correct with a pinch gesture. 

    [Follow-up note edited from my MBP - the view issue is just fine on my MBP. So, my iPad landscape-view is the one that doesn't quite render correctly. I've also just noticed there's no signature set-up within my Profile preferences. Will such come later, or have you all decided gear / software in-use details no longer relevant?]

    Looking forward to 1PW4 MAS. B-)
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    Thanks, pbGuy!

    1. I'm seeing fuzzy avatars as well. I think it may be a template thing. I'll see if we can get that resolved.

    2. Ah. That also sounds like an issue with the template. We'll look into that as well.

    As for signatures, I noticed that myself and was about to miss them but then realized that they are just extra noise. Better to let the content speak for itself in my opinion. :)

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    Try re-uploading your avatar. I think it may have been a lower quality version of it that was copied over to this forum.

  • pbGuypbGuy Member
    edited January 2013

    @khad said:
    Try re-uploading your avatar. ...

    During my note edit, I did upload a little higher resolution version of my avatar, which actually resulted in a more fuzzy version for the circular avatar appearing next to my post.

    A follow-up thought on hardware / software details - this information can be helpful when assisting someone since the details provide a better picture of the issue in relation to the hardware / software set-up in use.

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    There is no need to have it at the bottom of every post, though. Like in this case it would just be visual noise. Once per thread as needed is more than enough. :)

  • pbGuypbGuy Member

    I've played with editing my avatar, and I think the clarity has improved. FWIW, I edited the picture to the following:

    • Dimension (pixels): 409 x 424 [these dimensions best suit the nature of the picture being used]
    • PPI: 72 x 72
    • File size: 630 KB

    Until Agile publishes a spec that works best in the circular avatar window, these details might help others in making appropriate adjustments.

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    perhaps this is a separate topic but if you want to have a signature on every post there is a way although it is not obvious and to read the signature requires a QR code scanner.

    My avatar is a QR code and it contains my signature

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