New Product Request: 1Password for Linux [In Progress]



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    Hi @koloman,

    Thanks for the vote, we always appreciate it!

    1Password isn't developed in .Net, our Windows development team uses Delphi to code most of the app. Each 1Password app is developed specifically for the native platform by its own development team, not via any cross-platform technologies that could be ported easily to Linux. If we start developing for Linux (not a promise of any kinds here), we would be using native languages and technologies with our own Linux team. We believe in building native apps, not ports.

    Although, we did built simple reader apps for Android and Windows Phone apps that shares a common code base, of which we do plan to replace both with native ones in the future.

    Right now, many of our Linux folks uses the WINE emulator to keep 1Password running on Linux but without the benefits of the browser extensions. We honestly do want to have a native one, so WINE isn't needed but I don't know when we might do this.

  • We moved to LastPass Enterprise for our business.
    They have managed to make a browser add-on that works on all platforms, and with the added benefit of sharing passwords with other users.

    I hope 1Password can achieve this one day. I certainly like it better in certain aspects. But for now we had to move to LastPass.

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    Thanks for following up on this, @moleculezz. We think that one of 1Password's strengths is that it is not a cloud hosted service like some other options, so your data is never stored on our servers. Your data is yours, and you can maintain complete control over it. That does mean cross-platform efforts require more work and sharing isn't as simple as just "granting access" to another user on the server, but these things are certainly not insurmountable. We'll continue to work hard to make 1Password the best password manager on the planet for you.

  • You do use 3rd party cloud storage provider to host the 1Password files to sync across devices.
    Without this functionality, your software wouldn't be as compelling. Syncing across devices is one of the great features of your software.

    You can still provide your own cloud hosted service as optional (which you are currently doing with 3rd party cloud storage service) , which means cross-platform efforts would require less work, as you quoted.

    The sharing feature is not a must, but cross-platform is definitely needed IMO. But then again, I'm just one person with one opinion.

    Thanks for building a great software. Hope you can make it greater in the future.

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    Thanks again for your input, @moleculezz. I have passed it along to the developers, and I would be happy to pass any additional feedback you may have as well. :)

  • I would pay a extra licence and even work for free on weekends for Agilebits to make this work on linux, it is so frustrating to use the 1PasswordAnyware on my Ubuntu boxes.

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    We appreciate the offer, @arthurnn! I'll mention it to the developers. :)

  • Like @arthurnn, I too would pay for another license on Linux (having already bought the OSX version). As others have said, if a chrome or firefox extension was standalone, that'd be enough for me.

    Currently I have read-only access to my passwords via 1Password Anywhere. Copy/pasting passwords across browser windows is painful, and I can't generate/store new passwords to my keychain. It was particularly annoying to have to reuse a less secure common password for this forum just to be able to leave this comment.

    I appreciate the attitude of not announcing things until they're ready. However, after 3 years of forum posts, "we never say never" no longer sounds playful and coy as much as it sounds evasive. Is it really that hard to choose between A linux client is in our (short|medium|long)-term plans. and We have no intentions of creating a linux client at this time.? If this was a thread full of people who were unknown prospects clamoring for something they have no intention of buying, I would understand. But this is a thread full of otherwise-happily-paying users, why evade the question with a bunch of non-answers?

    Desperately-wanting-to-give-you-more-money-ly yours,


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    I don't know of any current plans to create a Linux client, but I also didn't know about the Windows version until it was pretty far along. It was kept quite secret for a while.

  • Hi ;)

    It would be very nice if we can get a linux version or the option to edit and add passwords in 1PasswordAnywhere. I would like to change my workstation from windows to linux but the missing 1Password app blocks it. 1Password is too important for my daily work, I can't imagine to work without that software.

    Is it possible to fund it with Kickstarter? I am ready to support the development and I think i am not the only person here that thinks so.


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    Thanks for the kind words about 1Password, @Tyrola. I don't know that initial funding is the issue, but I will certainly mention Kickstarter to the developers on your behalf. I know we've never done anything like that in the past, but that doesn't mean it can't happen in the future. It would surprise me if we went in that direction, though.

  • +1 for Linux browser extension support. I'm running the Windows version in Wine. That's fine but copy/pasting passwords sucks.

  • Hey @explorigin welcome to the forums! Thanks for the +1 for Linux support. If we ever do release a Linux version we will let you know :)

    Watch for more details

  • Can you please stop saying unproductive things like "If we ever do release a Linux version we'll let you know", it's well intentioned sure, but in the end it means nothing.

    Perhaps share the requirements for 1password to take such a thing onboard. Rather than saying you don't know what they are. If it is a matter of money, how much money do you need? We can crowd-fund it if it is a case of money. If it is a case of resources, hire me and then I'll do it with the crowdfunded money! Share what the requirements are, share what needs to be done to make this happen, that is customer service, that is progress.

    Otherwise, you just annoy your customers, and drive them elsewhere. I no longer wish to be tied into Apple or Microsoft's walled garden, and I'd love to be able to move to Ubuntu, a platform and community I believe strongly in. Things like this means that I have to give up using the apps I love, and makes everything a major headache. That's why things like "if we ever do it, we'll let you know" is meaningless, as it translates to "keep your headache, if we ever want to remove your headache, we'll let you know" - see why it is poor customer service?

    Can we start taking action on this in ways that produce results. I do love 1password, and I hate Lastpass for the reasons already mentioned in here. But otherwise, we will just need to build our own solution, and with the FOSS community, it will likely be a FOSS one itself, and that is a lot of wasted time for something that 1password can saturate, or at least empower the community to act. And even with this, the community still resents 1password for not helping, leaving spoiled brand reputation.

    For instance, in a future without a product for linux, and a future with a community made product for linux using the published 1password APIs on how to interact with the database - both futures have 1password not doing anything, but one means happy customers, not angry ones.

    In short:

    1. Crowd-fund for the amount you'll need to do this
    2. Hire the people you need to do this
    3. Post the instructions so the community can do this
    4. Just tell us to nick off and take our headache somewhere else


    1. You get upset customers
    2. You miss out on new customers
    3. Your brand image is a greedy one, we won't do it, and we won't let you do it, because we will want the rewards if the opportunity is ever seized, so we'll disempower you in the meantime just on the odd chance we ever bother to do it, suckers

    So please just do something.

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    Thank you for following up on this, @balupton. :)

    Post the instructions so the community can do this

    There are at least a couple different tools that have been created which you might find helpful:

    There may be more that I don't know about offhand. We also document the 1Password data format so that you can design your own tools if you are willing and able.

    I feel it prudent to include our "standard disclaimer" here. From our "You have secrets; we don’t. Why our data format is public" blog post:

    Third party apps and 1Password data

    Let me jump to the what has prompted this article before returning to the virtues of publicly detailing our data format. Recently there’s been progress on third party tools and applications that can read 1Password data, and there are some important factors to consider about these tools:

    • Third party tools for reading 1Password data do not reflect a “break” in 1Password. They, like 1Password, require your Master Password in order to read your data.
    • We have to advise you to never enter your 1Password Master Password into anything that isn’t 1Password. We aren’t casting aspersions on the integrity or competence of any developers, but we simply can’t advise otherwise.
    • Third party tools are “third party”. Although we may sometimes help them understand the details of our data format, they are entirely independent of AgileBits. The fact that we may maintain a good relationship with them is not an endorsement of what they produce.
    • Third party tools exemplify the fact that there is no data lock in with 1Password.

    The existence of third party tools for reading 1Password data has had people ask about the security implications of us being so open about our data format. Our openness is a good thing, and here’s why.

    Apart from that, we don't make promises about the future because we would be very sad if we ever failed to deliver on a promise we made to customers (for any reasons — including ones beyond our control). We have no desire to slip into the vaporware business, so we always prefer to let the shipping software speak for itself. If 1Password is not the solution for you today, perhaps it will be someday, and we really appreciate you keeping it in mind.

    If there is anything else I can help with in the meantime, please let me know.

    Wishing you the best,


  • I'm afraid I don't have enough time to read through all of the posts in the four pages on this thread, but I would also like to add a vote for the creation of 1Password for Linux.

    Ubuntu is my choice of distribution.

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    Thanks, @revenkyte. We appreciate your feedback.

  • +1 vote for 1Password for Linux please!

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    Thanks for your vote!

  • +1 for both the browser plugins and the main management application on Linux.

  • sunsetbrewsunsetbrew Junior Member

    +1 for a working chrome extension. The app would be nice, but i would be more than happy with the chrome extension.

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    Thanks for letting us know, @RAPWare and @sunsetbrew!

  • +1 for a linux package. Not that I believe you'll ever do it, since it's been two years since this thread opened.

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    We've certainly never promised anything. We aren't in the vaporware business. We prefer to let our shipping work speak for itself. Thanks for letting us know you are interested. It does help to know how much interest there is. It's step "zero" in the process of developing a good product.

  • Here is another +1 for a Linux solution.

    We are a combo OSX, IOS, Android and Linux environment at home (yes, no Winders and happily so). Considering you have a port for Android, the full Linux kernel shouldn't be that big of a stretch. More of an issue for packaging, which isn't much of a stretch for RPM or DEB. I'm not a customer due to no support for Linux but would be in a heartbeat if I could provide for all our OSs.

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    Thanks @onthego,

    Consider your vote added - we'd love to have you for a customer :)

  • +1 for a native linux version or at least a Google Chrome extension

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    I have been a customer since 2008 and have purchased every upgrade available for Mac OS. I recently upgraded to version 4. I love what you are doing and have used the anywhere feature many times. You've got the best client on the mac, you've now got a client for win, you've got mobile versions (that I also purchased) but never use them for some odd reason. If you released a client for debian/ubuntu I think you'd be surprised at the demand and it would do nothing but grow once people realized they had another option. I'm just curious what the reasoning is NOT to do a linux client. Please don't make me use lastpass on my ubuntu clients. It's ironic, I just had to reset my password for this forum because I am writing this on a precise desktop (didn't have dropbox installed). +1 for a linux client/browser extension

  • +1 vote for Linux native app here. Debian/Ubuntu compatible.
    I haven't bought the app yet still testing it in windows and osx and it is very promising, an native Linux client and you had me at hello.

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