Syncing between firefox and the program

I'm using the firefox extension. After the first launch, all my passwords I entered in the software 1password could be used. When I now add a passowrd directly in the firefox extension the password ist stored there. But the password is not in the windows program of 1password.
-> no syncing
whats wrong resp. what can I do?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Please follow these steps to completely remove and reinstall the extension for Firefox:

    1. MAKE SURE you've recorded the username, password, and web address for any Login items you've created in the extension that don't show up in the main program.


    2. In Firefox, remove the 1Password extension.

    3. Delete Firefox's temporary copy of your 1Password data:

      a. Type this in the Firefox address field:


      b. Press Enter.

      c. Under Application Basics, click the Show Folder button.

      d. Quit Firefox.

      e. In the Explorer window that appears, go "up" one level to the parent folder.

      f. Drag the OnePassword.sqlite file from that folder to the Desktop.

    4. In 1Password, re-install the Firefox extension.

    5. Try creating a new Login item in the Firefox extension, and confirm that it is properly transferred to the main 1Password program.

    Once everything is working well, you can safely move the OnePassword.sqlite file on the Desktop to the Trash.

    Please let us know how it goes, @Quentineire.

  • Sorry for coming back so late (business travel). I don't know if it works becaus now I have the problem that neither firefox or chrome gets a connection to 1password (counting upwards endless). In IE noch Problem. It is the problem I discribed in another post "Browser Extension: how do I change the assigned keychain / keyfile ". I will write there my findings.

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